Create an account, pay as a guest, or login to grpayit. You can pay for your water, refuse/waste services, property tax, and parking tickets using grpayit -- all with a single account. You decide when and how much to pay. Even better, we only collect a processing fee for property tax payments. Water, refuse/waste services, and parking ticket payments have no processing fees. Our bots make it easy and guide you through the process in a conversation. They'll ask if you want to pay other bills and remind you of any overdue bills or upcoming due dates.

You spoke and we listened. We've heard from users that grpayit chatbots are cumbersome, slow and aggravating. We're working to cut down the time you interact with chatbots so you can get in, pay your bill, and carry on with your day. In the coming months you'll be able to see the accounts you've linked to your grpayit user ID. We'll keep the bots, but you'll only have to interact with them to add or delete accounts.

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If you want more info on paying specific bills, take a look at these pages: