Our Mission

Inspiring opportunity, connection, and innovation.

Our Vision

The Grand Rapids Public Library is key to a dynamic, creative, livable city where people come together to learn and be heard. 

Our Values


We model respect and embrace difference. We are a welcoming place for all. 


We are flexible, transparent, and trusted. We provide equal access to information, programs, and services.


We embrace life-long learning. We support literacy, curiosity, and cultural enrichment. We uphold everyone’s right to privacy, to seek information, and to voice diverse points of view.


We take risks, we fail forward, we seek feedback, we create, and we discover. We embrace change.


We seek partnerships and build strong teams. We co-create with our community.


We put people first. We provide exceptional experiences and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are empathetic and responsive.


We make strategic decisions with intentionality for a strong present and future library.

Learn More

The library is our community’s source of accessible information, resources, and programs. We offer a wide selection of books, movies, music, that can be checked out physically and/or downloaded digitally. The library also offers a wide range of programming for people of all ages and interests. Check out our site for more information on materials and programming:

GRPL's website