Income Tax Guide for Withholders

1. Who Needs to Withhold


You will need to withhold if you are an employer who meets any of the following:

  • If you have a location in the city
  • If you are “doing business” in the city, even if you don't have a location in the city.
  • If you have locations both in and out of the city. In this case you'll need to withhold for those working and/or living in the city.
  • You have an employee who lives and works in the city, but is temporarily assigned to work outside of the city.
  • If your business is a nonprofit organization you’ll need to withhold, even if your business is exempt from income taxes.

What employees will I withhold from?

You will need to withhold from employees who live and or work in the City of Grand Rapids.

2. Rates

July 1, 2010 - Present Individual Tax Rate





Prior to July 1, 2010 Individual Tax Rate





Withholding Table

For more information, you can use this Withholding Tax Table(PDF, 227KB).  It is a useful tool in determining the amount you should withhold.

3. Due Dates

Monthly Withholding Exceeding $100

Payments Due Monthly

Payments are due monthly if your total monthly withholding exceeds $100.

Monthly Withholding Below $100

Payments Due Quarterly

If your total monthly withholding is below $100, your payments will be due quarterly.

Payment Due Dates

All withholding tax payments are due on the last day of the month after the reporting period.

5. Filing and paying your withholding


You can use a third-party site to pay your withholding or to download your customized withholding booklet.

File and Pay


Customized Booklets

If you would rather not use the third-party system, call us to get your customized booklet. Our number is 616-456-3415.

Mail Your Return

You can mail your forms and payment to:

Grand Rapids City Income Tax
PO Box 347
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Drop Off Your Return

If you’d like to drop off your return, come to our office in City Hall.

City Hall, Third Floor
Income Tax Department
300 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

6. Questions and Support

Still have questions? We know this can be a complicated process, and we're happy to help.

Email your questions to