Office of the City Manager


In our Commission-City Manager form of government, the Commission is the governing body elected by the citizens. The City Manager is the Chief Executive that supervises all departments, offices, and agencies. Interim City Manager Eric DeLong is responsible to the City Commission for the administration of the City.

Elected and Appointed Officials

Our City leaders are either elected or appointed. Elected Officials pass legislation -- think laws and ordinances. The elected officials appoint others to execute and enforce the laws they make. The City Manager leads all Appointed Officials and the City organization as a whole.  For more info, you can review the City of Grand Rapids Charter.


Eric DeLong has been with the City of Grand Rapids since May of 1995, first as Assistant City Manager for Public Works, then as Deputy City Manager in 1999, and then as Deputy City Manager/Chief Operating Officer since 2017.


About the Interim City Manager

The Office of the City Manager develops policies which align to the oversight of City operations.  

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Office of the City Commission

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City Commission Meetings

Interested in what's going on at our City Commission meetings? Want to know the planned discussion topics at upcoming sessions? You're in the right place! Keep in mind:

  • Meeting topics often change. Make sure to check the agenda on the Friday before the meeting for the most updated list of topics
  • The schedule is for two months out. These may change without notice
  • The planner includes topics currently scheduled for discussion or consideration. This doesn't include all agenda topics
  • We do our best to keep the list updated with current topics under consideration

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The Commission has its own set of polices.  Looking for a specific policy? Use the search "By Phrase or Keyword" option.  

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