Greenwood cemetery


Cemetery Directory

Browse a list of cemeteries in Grand Rapids using the Cemetery Directory. Or view them on a map using My Neighborhood.

Need help finding a plot? View the cemetery map PDFs below. If you can't find the plot you're looking for, please call our office.

We offer the following services:
  • Lot purchases
  • Lawn crypts for full body or cremains burials
  • Interment of cremains in a columbarium at Woodlawn and Fairplains cemeteries
  • Optional graveside service and tent rental
  • Optional use of the chapel at Woodlawn Cemetery for service. This is a great option for interments during the winter months.

If you're working with a funeral director, they'll work with our staff to schedule a burial according to your needs.

If you're not working with a funeral director, you can start the scheduling process by phone.

Please call 616-456-3696, option 2 with any questions or to make an appointment.

Selling and transferring grave spaces

We don't buy back grave spaces. However, you can sell the space(s) yourself and transfer the space(s) to the new owner by completing a Transfer of Burial Rights. This document and a $41 fee (check or cash) must be provided to our office. After this is completed, a deed will be sent to the new owner.

Reserving grave spaces

If you want to reserve a grave you already own for a specific person, you'll need to complete a Burial Authorization Form. This form must be notarized. Once the form is complete, it needs to be returned to our office by mail or in person.

You can explore your genealogy through interactive maps of each cemetery. Once you click on a cemetery link, you can search by last name to find plots that share that name.