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The City of Grand Rapids is a regional provider of water to municipalities in Kent and Ottawa counties. We serve a population of approximately 280,000. We cover a service area of 137 square miles.

We work hard to make sure our residents have high quality water. Clean water protects public health, supports the economy, and protects us from fires. It's easy to forget that water makes up such a big part of our quality of life.

Water Bills

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Looking to pay your water bill? We have new payment system, GR PayIt! We'll tell you everything you need to know to pay your bill.

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Higher Than Expected Bills

Did you get a water bill that was costlier than you expected? Leaks are the most common reason for big spikes in your water cost. The earlier you find and repair the leak, the more money you'll save. You'll also help conserve clean, high quality water. If you think you have a leak, we want to help you find it and stop it.

Unpaid Bills

Did you just buy a new home with unpaid water bills? Are you wondering what will happen if you can't pay your bill? We have resources to help. Don't wait too long. Unpaid bills eventually become liens on your property. You can find out more about liens online.

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Are you looking to start water and sewer service at your property? You can setup your service online. We'll help you make sure you have everything you need and walk you through the process.

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Did you recently sell your property or move? We can help you shut off water service at your old address.

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In 2017, the Lake Michigan Filtration Plant pumped 13.351 billion gallons of water to our customers. The average pumpage for 2017 was 36.578 million gallons a day.

For more information about the Water System or available tours of the Lake Michigan Filtration Plant, give us a call. Our contact info is located in the Contact Us panel on this page.

We work hard to make sure our water is the highest quality. It's important to us that you know everything you need to about your water quality. The Safe Drinking Water Act requires us to monitor water quality all year. At the end of each year, we put together a Consumer Confidence Report. Then we mail that report to every business and residential customer that gets our water.

If you're a water customer, you'll get a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report with your bill once per year. But if you misplaced your copy or need another one, it's available below.

The 2017 Consumer Confidence Report is available.

View All Reports

The Utility Advisory Board (UAB) reviews Water System rates, policies, and fees. The UAB then makes recommendations to the Grand Rapids City Commission. The Commission reviews these recommendations and approves and adopts them.

Each customer community has a seat on the UAB. While wholesale communities are not represented, they negotiate fair contracts with the City of Grand Rapids. For more about the UAB, check out the links below.

All of our customer communities are represented on the Utility Advisory Board (UAB). These are the areas outside the Grand Rapids city limits that our Water System serves. Some of these communities are retail water customers , while others are wholesale water customers.

Ada Township

Wholesale Water and Sewer Customer

Cascade Township

Retail Water and Sewer Customer

City of East Grand Rapids

Wholesale Water and Sewer

City of Kentwood

Retail Water and Sewer

Tallmadge Township

Retail Water and Sewer

City of Walker

Retail Water and Sewer

Wright Township

Retail Sewer

Wholesale communities are not represented on the Utility Advisory Board (UAB). Instead, these municipalities negotiate a fair contract with the City of Grand Rapids. All of these communities are wholesale water customers .

Gaines Township

Wholesale Sewer

Ottawa County

Wholesale Water

The final 2017 Grand Rapids Water System Rate Study is now available.

Grand Rapids Water System Rate Study


A new policy allows us to replace lead service lines at no cost to homeowners. The policy applies if your home meets these requirements:

  • There is a leak on the lead water service line
  • Your home is within the limits of a water main replacement project

Property Requirements

  • Must be a residential property (1-4 family dwelling)
  • Must have lead water service verified by a City of Grand Rapids Representative

If you meet these conditions, you can qualify to have your lead service replaced.

Leaks, Emergencies, or Service Disturbances

Make sure the water service leak qualifies as an emergency. Water service leaks on the private or public side qualify as emergencies. Negligent actions by the homeowner or contractor disqualify the service from a City-sponsored replacement

Reported water service leaks must occur after 3/28/2017

You'll need to sign a Water Service Agreement before work begins on your property. We'll coordinate the repairs and work with an approved City contractor/plumber to replace the line

Contact us at 616-456-3141 if you need to report a leak.

City Projects

We call and send you mailers when there is an upcoming City project on your street. You need to sign a Water Service Agreement before work begins on your property.

Voluntary Lead Replacement Line

If you don't meet one of the two service line conditions, you can still have your lead service line replaced. You'll just need to pay for it yourself. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace the private side of the lead service line.

You can use a Ten-Pay program to spread the cost over 10 years. You'll pay a small interest rate.

The City will replace the lead service line on the public side of the service at no cost to you.

Contact us at 616-456-3401 for more information.

Lead Service Line Diagram.png