Engineering Department


Focused on innovative engineering, we're dedicated to preserving and improving the physical assets in our community. This includes construction projects involving public roads, City-owned utilities, and City-owned facilities.

We also partner with private developers to make sure their buildings are provided City utility services and that the affected City utilities, public roads, and sidewalks are built to our standards.

We create infrastructure with you in mind so you can get where you need to go safely and efficiently.

Road Closures

We plan road closures for construction purposes in advance. Want to know where and when to expect these? Check out the map below for more information.

Road Closure Map

Active Project Solicitations

Are you a construction company interested in working on a City project Are you a construction company interested in working on a City project? Linked are current opportunities being solicited. Additional construction bid opportunities for which we're currently receiving bids can be viewed on our BidExpress page.


Project Information & Engagement Opportunities

We want to hear from you! Fostering communication with the community is important to the Engineering Department's mission to make innovative contributions that positively impact the community and elevate quality of life. Below are current opportunities for information or feedback.

Ash Lagoon Sampling at the Water Resource Recovery Facility

Draft State Revolving Fund Project Plan(ZIP, 166MB)

This linked draft plan will be available for public review for 30 days between project advertisement on April 4, 2022 and the project presentation on May 9, 2022.

Road Construction

We plan and coordinate road construction projects. We know it's important to keep you informed about when construction is planned and how to best navigate during construction.

Affected Services

We've outlined how parking, trash collection, mail and other services are affected during construction in our Road Construction Guide.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Find out which roads are currently closed or planned for closure in our map below.

Road Closure Map

Vital Streets Program

We're focused on improving our transportation network through our Vital Streets Program. Find out how all the construction and improvements planned will help our community reach our program goals. Learn more about the Vital Streets Program.

Road Moratorium

According to City Ordinance, no road openings are allowed on paved or resurfaced streets for two years upon completion. To view streets under this moratorium, view the map below.

Road Moratorium

Sidewalk Construction and Repair

We construct and repair the City's sidewalks. To do this we issue permits for repair work to City sidewalks. We also provide information about how to report a complaint about sidewalks including:

  • Damaged sidewalks
  • Debris on a sidewalk
  • Questions about completed sidewalk repairs
  • Sidewalk restoration
  • Irrigation damage

Snow and Ice Covered Sidewalks

Having trouble walking on public sidewalk through the snow? Residents have 24 hours from the time it stops snowing to clear the sidewalks adjacent to their property. You can Report Snow or Ice Covered Public Sidewalks online.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Learn more about sidewalk maintenance using our online guide.

Planning for Sidewalk Maintenance

Become a Partner

Working with the community and private developers is important to our strategy. Are you a construction company interested in working on a City project or in working on City-owned utilities on behalf of a private developer? You'll need to become a prequalified company before you can bid on projects or work on City-owned utilities for a developer.

We post bid opportunities for you and walk you through the process in the guide below.

Get Pre-Qualified for City Projects

Current Contractors & Subcontractors

Bid Opportunities and Past Bid Tabulations

Private Developments

Design Team

If your project is in the City of Grand Rapids, you may need to meet with the City’s Design Team. This may be the first step for a new private development project. You can review more Design Team Information.

Public Utilities Involvement

We process private development projects that involve an extension or relocation of one of Grand Rapids public utilities. This also applies to projects that involve extensive work within a City of Grand Rapids right-of-way.


  • Sanitary sewer
  • Water main
  • Storm sewer (public only)
  • Street lighting

Utility Locations

  • Within the Grand Rapids city limits
  • Sanitary or water main within the associated service areas (outside Grand Rapids city limits)

Grand Rapids Service Areas

The Grand Rapids service areas extend into these communities:

  • City of Kentwood
  • City of Walker
  • Grand Rapids Township
  • Cascade Township
  • Tallmadge Township

For more information about the submittal of a private development project involving public utilities, click here

Utility Service Connections Only

Private development projects that only involve service connections to Grand Rapids public utilities are processed through the Grand Rapids Development Center, at 1120 Monroe Avenue NW. The City's Development Center manages this process.