Office of the City Comptroller


Welcome! We serve as the City's accounting office. Our main focuses are internal audits, City payroll, accounts payable, and accounting services.

Main Responsibilities

  • Publishing Annual Financial Reports and monthly budget reports
  • Auditing government services, including department visits
  • Paying the City's bills, including City employee payroll
  • Keeping records of all City funds
  • Providing financial systems support and training 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, efficient services to the citizens of Grand Rapids as well as within the City government while ensuring the integrity of the systems in which the City operates.


We're committed to creating the best city we can. If you've noticed inefficient processes or misuses of City resources, please contact us confidentially at 616-456-4500.

What we review

Here are some common examples of what you can report to the tip line:

  • Suggestions to improve work flow processes
  • Contractor waste of resources paid for by the City
  • Theft of cash, equipment, supplies, materials
  • The use of any City owned supplies, equipment or property for personal use
  • Record falsification
  • Payroll fraud
  • A City owned vehicle left idling for an extended period of time
  • Contractor fraud
  • Sleeping on the job
  • Intentional misuse of City equipment or property
  • Kickbacks or bribes
  • Anything you believe involves the misuse of City property and resources

City Comptroller's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is a set of financial statements. These reports follow accounting requirements made by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

The CAFR has three sections


This section will guide you through the report.


This section presents the audited financial statements.


This section gives financial statistical data.

Citizen's Guide to the City's Finances (PAFR) 2019

Citizen's Guide to the City's Finances (PAFR) 2019 (Spanish Version)

Small Claims Reports

Small claims are generally claims valued at less than $15,000.
These are the Small Claims paid by the City of Grand Rapids.

 Small Claims 1st Qtr 2020

Small Claims 2nd Qtr 2020

Small Claims 3rd Qtr. 2020

Warrant Reports

These reports are given to the City Commission/Fiscal Committee by the City Comptroller. They feature total cash payments, and the number of checks issued. This also includes details for checks greater than $20,000 for the week(s) following the previous City Commission meeting.

Do you have questions about doing business with us? Do you need to update your information?

Vendor Self Service (VSS)

Visit the VSS Website and login in to manage your account.

VSS Website

W-9 Upload

Do we have your W-9 form? We need one on file for you to get paid for your services.

Download W-9

Purchasing Department

For more information, please visit Purchasing.

Total Amount Received and Spent

In Fiscal Year 2019, the City received $146.6 million from taxes (income and property); $70.3 million from intergovernmental revenues including grants and contributions. $170 million from charges for services; and $15.3 million from miscellaneous revenue sources (including interest earnings). Overall, the city spent $383.3 million last year. Our largest expenditure: $121.7 million on Public Safety.

Learn about the City's financial performance and download reports.

  • Citizens' Guide to the City's Finances
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Debt Service Report
  • Projected Budget Report

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