Budget Office

We support the City Manager and Departments in developing the City's annual Fiscal Plan and providing financial guidance and support across the organization. The Fiscal Plan guides the City to fund services to the City's citizens.

Our Retiree Healthcare Actuarial Valuations report is a detailed breakdown of benefits provided from our employer financed Post-Employment Benefits program. This report is in compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). You can find specific reports for the following groups:





Our budget offers a detailed breakdown of our City financial plans.

Current Fiscal Year

Past Fiscal Years

Fiscal Year 2023

Our Final Fee Inventory provides a detailed breakdown of proposed City fees by department for service delivery.

FY2023 Final Fee Inventory(PDF, 707KB)

Our Cost Allocation Plan reallocates the costs of Central Services (Executive Office, Human Resources, Finance, Clerk, Treasury, Etc.) to other areas of the organization and include:

  • Building/Equipment
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Office
  • Treasurer
  • Comptrollers
  • Department cost breakdown

Cost Allocation Plans

We developed a Strategic Plan for the City of Grand Rapids! It's the first plan of this type for the City, and it covers fiscal years 2020 - 2023 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2023).

Learn more about our Strategic Plan here.

The Michigan Legislature established the Cities, Villages and Townships Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) program through Public Act 252 of 2014.  Each eligible local unit must meet all the requirements of the CVTRS to receive full CVTRS payments.  The Budget Office webpage fulfills the requirements of the CVTRS.