Budget Office

We support the City Manager and Departments in developing the City's annual Fiscal Plan and providing financial guidance and support across the organization. The Fiscal Plan guides the City to fund services to the City's citizens.

Here are the City Commission PowerPoint presentations for Fiscal Year 2018 Budget. They detail the type of funds utilized to deliver services such as:

  • General Operating
  • Budget Stabilization
  • Transformation
  • Staffing

These funds help us deliver high quality services to both our citizens and employees.

Fiscal Overview Presentation(PPTX, 2MB)
Police Overview Presentation(PPTX, 1MB)
Fire Overview Presentation(PDF, 1MB)
Parks Budget Overview Presentation(PPTX, 18MB)

Our Existing and New Fee Schedules provide a detailed breakdown of expected City fees by department for service delivery.

FY 2018 New Fee Schedule(PDF, 59KB)
FY 2018 Existing Fee Schedule(PDF, 2MB)

Our Cost Allocation Plan reallocates the costs of Central Services (Executive Office, Human Resources, Finance, Clerk, Treasury, Etc.) to other areas of the organization and include:

  • Building/Equipment
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Office
  • Treasurer
  • Comptrollers
  • Department cost breakdown

FY17 Cost Allocation Plan(PDF, 1MB)

FY16 Cost Allocation Plan(PDF, 4MB)

The Capital Plan provides a detailed schedule of costs for City projects making improvements to our property or systems.

FY 2018- 2022 Capital Plan(PDF, 3MB)
FY 2017- 2021 Capital Plan(PDF, 7MB)

The City Performance dashboard allows you to follow City's performance in four areas:
  • Fiscal stability
  • Public Safety
  • Economic strength
  • Quality of Life


We also created a Citizens’ Guide to the City’s Finances. This document provides an overview of City revenue sources and expenditures, tax rates, financial position, and long-term obligations.

Citizens' Guide to the City Finances

The following reports provides you the opportunity to follow the progress of our city. They will help keep you informed as to how our city government is performing.

Projected Budget 2018
Debt Service Requirements
FY 2018 Transportation Employee Listing
Certification of Plan to Reduce Unfunded Liabilities
Michigan Transportation Asset Management 

To view the City's fiscal plans, visit our Fiscal Services page.

Fiscal Services

We're continually transforming City operations! The Draft Transformation Plan Phase IV includes departmental value streams as they align to the City's Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL).

Each value stream:

  • Names primary and secondary staff responsible for carrying out the value stream
  • Is scheduled with a start and end date
  • Identifies an origin in another City plan (if applicable)
  • Identifies if the value stream is either transformative or a City Commission (CC) priority
  • Includes the recommended value stream details

This draft plan was released on April 24, 2018. 

The City Commission will evaluate this draft plan. They'll offer revisions that will be incorporated into a final plan. The final plan will be approved in June.

Draft Transformation Plan Phase IV