GRow1000 Youth Employment Program

PNG image of GRow 1000 logo, purple Calder with orange and white text displaying initiative name

GRow1000 was launched the summer of 2020 in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing racial and economic disparities. City Manager Mark Washington called on business and community leaders to help mitigate these effects by employing 1,000 young people during the summer. Our community stepped up to the challenge! In just a few weeks, over 350 youth were employed in more than 60 unique job sites that spanned area businesses, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions and government.

Our community has once again risen to the occasion to support GRow1000. This summer young people ages 15 to 24 will have the opportunity to explore a career and obtain valuable work experience while earning money. Program participants will be matched with employers for a 6-week, 120-hour, paid work experience. Through this experience, area businesses and organizations will introduce youth to real-world work environments, provide mentorship and create pathways to future careers. 

For additional questions, contact Our Community’s Children at or call 616-456-3558.