Facilities and Fleet Management

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Facilities and Fleet Management

We assist with the delivery of municipal services. We maintain and improve City-owned facilities. We also provide motor equipment in a safe and reliable operating condition. 

Vehicle storage facility

Our Vehicle Storage Facility manages unclaimed, abandoned, or impounded vehicles. We also oversee live auction events of City-owned equipment.

We provide facility related services for many of the City’s owned buildings. We ensure facilities are clean, safe, accessible and welcoming for all.

We oversee a variety of facility types, including:
  • Municipal office space
  • The police department
  • Several fire stations
  • Maintenance garages/repair shop
  • A fueling station
  • More!

These accommodate the diverse operational needs and functions of the City.

We maintain and service the City's fleet of motor equipment.
The City owns over 700 pieces of rolling stock. We also own 300 pieces of miscellaneous equipment that include:
  • Generators
  • Sedans
  • Refuse trucks
  • Off road Machinery
We maintain and service the equipment. We also make sure that the available fleet matches City's needs.

When we retire our vehicles, we sell them at auction. We auction our used vehicles, equipment and other surplus assets with Miedema Auctioneering.

We also store impounded and abandoned vehicles.
Looking for an abandoned or impounded vehicle? Our Vehicle Storage Facility, also known as the City's Impound Lot, is open 24/7. We store abandoned/impounded vehicles to keep roads and neighborhoods safe and clear.
You'll need to get Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) release paperwork before we can release a vehicle. Sometime vehicles need to be towed off site. We do this for the following reasons:
  • The vehicle is deemed unsafe to drive
  • The vehicle is not registered or has an expired registration/license
  • The owner's driver's license is expired
  • Other reasons deemed by the GRPD
We can only release the vehicle to the registered owners or someone with a notarized letter.

Have questions? Call us at the phone number listed in the Vehicle Storage Facility section of this page.


Unclaimed abandoned and/or impounded vehicles becomes the City of Grand Rapids property. We sell these at auctions frequently. 

Interested in vehicles we have for auction sales? Give us a call to check if we have any available. These are also listed in the Grand Rapids Press. We host all auctions at the Vehicle Storage Facility. We auction vehicles and equipment through Merritt Auctions.