Administrative Policies

Administrative policies are created by the City Manager and City Executives. These policies are sets of rules, procedures, and guidelines that govern the City's employees.

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Administrative policy regarding absence for military service. Enacted November 25, 2013.

Absence for Military Service (14-01)(PDF, 213KB)

Administrative policy to establish a policy for City departments when acquiring surveillance equipment and services for use in City operations.

Acquisition and use of surveillance equipment and surveillance services (15-03)(PDF, 203KB)

Listing of Approved Equipment

The City of Grand Rapids passed an ordinance to govern small cell applications and collacations in a manner which conforms to FCC Order 133 and State of Michigan PA 365. This policy further regulates small cell facilities and administers the regulation already imposed by the ordinance.

Administrative Rules for Small Wireless Facilities(PDF, 414KB)

Administrative policy for providing individuals with visual and audible disabilities communication accommodations. Enacted November 3, 1994. Revised March 9, 2010.

Alternate Communication...(94-02)(PDF, 63KB)

Administrative policy to establish policies and procedures consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Enacted May 17, 1995. Revised March 9, 2010.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance (95-04)(PDF, 61KB)

Administrative policy  for acceptance of public art, memorials and related gifts as public property owned by the City of Grand Rapids. Enacted 1989. Revised September 14, 2006.

Art, Memorials, and Related Gifts (89-03)(PDF, 82KB)

Administrative policy to increase the rate of survival for people within City facilities who may suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. Enacted January 15, 2016.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program (16-01)(PDF, 251KB)

Administrative policy on bullying in the workplace.

Bullying in the Workplace (18-01)(PDF, 2MB)

Administrative policy providing supplemental criteria for achieving compliance with the social equity commitments made by the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Enacted November 3, 2022.

Download Policy(PDF, 251KB)

Administrative policy to establish a guide for capital project priorities to the City Manager. Enacted 3/28/1979.

Capital Project Planning and Review (79-01)(PDF, 55KB)

Administrative policy to support the use and reimbursement of City supplied devices and employee provided devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device). Enacted November 25, 2013.

Cellular Phone Charges and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) (13-01)(PDF, 159KB)

Purchasing Memo (PDF, 146KB)

Authorization/ Stipend Form(PDF, 231KB)

Administrative policy to establish standards for conducting an employee charitable solicitation campaign. Enacted May 22, 1990. 

Charitable Contributions (90-01)(PDF, 52KB)

Administrative policy about presenting agenda items to the City Commission. Enacted 1981. Revised October 13, 2017.

City Commission Agenda (81-02)(PDF, 226KB)

Administrative policy about submitting proposed policies to the City Commission. Enacted January 11, 1988. Revised April 15, 1991.

City Commission Policy Manual (88-01)(PDF, 55KB)

Administrative policy establishing a uniform format for City Commission resolutions. Enacted May 15, 1969. Revised March 19, 1991.

City Commission Resolutions (69-04)(PDF, 50KB)

The City of Grand Rapids Health and Wellness Incentive program aims to educate, encourage, and inspire all City employees to embrace a safe, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle through programming which supports a broad range of needs and interests. This policy aims to expand upon and clarify the supplemental agreement with the City of Grand Rapids Bargaining Units from October 2016.

Download Policy(PDF, 165KB)

Administrative policy to identify a City memorandum paper for the City. Enacted February 27, 1995. Revised November 16, 2001.

City Memorandum Paper (95-03)(PDF, 68KB)

Administrative policy governing how the City organization handles media requests. Enacted January 4, 2019.

Communications with the Media (19-01)(PDF, 2MB)

Administrative policy for construction contract bids and related professional services. Enacted August 18, 1986.

Construction Bids & Related Professional Services (86-02)(PDF, 55KB)


Administrative policy to establish a procedure for awarding contracts for individual personal services. Enacted January 31, 1995.

Contracts for Certain Services (95-01)(PDF, 48KB)

Administrative policy on the City's Design Team, which brings together City staff and developers, designers, and agencies. The goal is to foster proactive and productive project discussions.

Design Team Policy (18-02)(PDF, 1MB)

Administrative policy procedures for development and redevelopment proposals. Enacted May 23, 1985. Revised June 25, 1993.

Development Review Procedures (85-02)(PDF, 53KB)

Administrative policy to insure drug-free environment for the citizens and employees of the City of Grand Rapids. Enacted June 9, 1989.

Drug Free Workplace(PDF, 51KB)

Administrative policy establishing evacuation procedures. Enacted 1974. Revised September 23, 2003.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures- City Hall (74-06)(PDF, 51KB)

City employees must maintain the highest ethical standards in the conduct of City affairs. The intent of this policy is that each City employee will conduct the City’s business with integrity and will comply with all applicable laws in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage or gain.

Download the 23-02 Employee Code of Conduct Policy(PDF, 218KB)

The City of Grand Rapids has established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to nurture a supportive environment for employees consistent with the objectives of our strategic plan. ERGs exist to benefit and advance employees and the City by working strategically, both internally and externally, to elevate the collective value and voices of our diverse communities.

Employee Resource Groups (02-02)(PDF, 199KB)

Administrative policy to eliminate unnecessary engine idling. Enacted February 19, 2010.

Engine Idle Reduction (10-01)(PDF, 54KB)

Administrative policy to enhance the growth and development of small business. Enacted August 11, 2004. Revised December 12, 2017.

Equal Business Opportunity- Certification (04-01)(PDF, 480KB)

Administrative policy about the correct display of the flag of the United States at City-owned places. Enacted June 1989. Revised April 1, 2013.

Flag Display (89-02)(PDF, 204KB)

Administrative policy to reduce inflow of stormwater into the City’s sanitary sewers. Enacted March 7, 2011.

Footing Drain Disconnection Program (11-01)(PDF, 162KB)
Footing Drain Disconnection Program Guidelines (11-01)(PDF, 236KB)

Administrative policy regarding City departments and employees requests for public records. Enacted August 7, 1991. Revised November 8, 2022.

Freedom of Information Act (91-02)(PDF, 277KB)
FOIA Request Form(PDF, 268KB)

Administrative policy regarding the Grand Rapids Information Network (GRIN). Enacted June 16, 1988. Last revised April 15, 1991.

Grand Rapids Information Network (GRIN) (88-02)(PDF, 57KB)

Administrative policy to eliminate workplace harassment. Enacted March 5, 2001. Revised March 9, 2010.

Harassment in the Workplace (01-01)(PDF, 309KB)

Administrative policy about hazardous material used by City employees. Enacted December 23, 1986. Revised November 15, 2016. 

Hazardous Material Employee Communication (86-03)(PDF, 633KB)

Administrative policy to outline an Identity Theft Prevention Program. Enacted May 15, 2009.

Identify Theft Prevention Program (09-01)(PDF, 76KB)

Administrative policy responding to investigations by State and Federal regulatory agencies. Enacted May 14, 2002.

Investigations by Regulatory Agencies (02-01)(PDF, 50KB)

Administrative policy about the City’s Legislative Liaison. Enacted December 1982. Revised October 24, 1989.

Legislative Liaison (82-04)(PDF, 53KB)

Administrative policy to identify a  City logo. Enacted March 12, 1982. Revised December 3, 1986.

Logo- Official City(82-01)(PDF, 59KB)

This policy establishes various administrative processes for City staff to efficiently and objectively process the applications for marijuana land use applications. Enacted April 10, 2019.

Marijuana Application Administrative Process (19-02)(PDF, 4MB)

Administrative policy regarding the Mechanical Safety Inspection Program. Enacted March 9, 2017.

Mechanical Safety Inspection Program (16-04)(PDF, 216KB)

Administrative policy to facilitate the flow of information between the City, all City departments, and the media. Enacted June 27, 1988. Revised September 8, 1995.

Media Relations (88-03)(PDF, 56KB)

Administrative policy about the mileage reimbursement rate of privately-owned vehicles on City business. Enacted January 2, 1983. 

Mileage Reimbursement (Monthly) (83-01)(PDF, 52KB)

Administrative policy  prohibiting the use of privately-owned motorcycles or motor-driven cycles while on City work assignments. Enacted June 12, 1974. 

Motorcycle Use by City Employee 74-03(PDF, 48KB)

Administrative policy to establish neighborhood business district identification signs and directories. Enacted February 20, 1985.

Neighborhood Business District Identification Signs and Directories (85-01)(PDF, 50KB)

Administrative policy to inform all employees who operate City vehicles that they are subject to the laws concerning vehicle parking. Enacted April 1, 1973. Revised June 17, 1996.

Parking Violations (73-03)(PDF, 49KB)

Administrative policy governing the display of promotional material in the City workplace. Enacted October 7, 1973. Revised December 2, 2004.

Posting of Promotional Materials (73-07)(PDF, 54KB)

Administrative policy providing a framework and expectations for providing training and professional development opportunities for City of Grand Rapids employees. Enacted May 20, 2021.

Professional Development Policy (21-01)(PDF, 146KB)


Administrative policy to ensure diversity in professionals providing services to the City. Enacted July 6, 1973. Revised March 9, 2010.

Professional Services Contracting (73-09)(PDF, 82KB)

Administrative policy regarding property acquisition and sale. Enacted February 18, 1981. Revised May 19, 2009.

Property Acquisition and Sale (81-01)(PDF, 74KB)

Administrative policy that permits the City of Grand Rapids to contract with the State of Michigan. Enacted April 25, 1975.

Purchasing with the State of Michigan (75-01)(PDF, 48KB)

Administrative policy establishing various administrative processes for City staff to efficiently and objectively process the applications for recreational cannabis zoning applications. Enacted August 18, 2020.

Download Policy(PDF, 197KB)

Administrative policy to encourage and increase the use of recycled, recyclable, and reusable products by the City of Grand Rapids. Enacted May 26, 1994. 

Recycled Products (94-01)(PDF, 52KB)

Administrative policy governing the implementation of the ordinance regulating residential rental application fees. Enacted November 7, 2018.

Rental Application Fees Ordinance (18-04)(PDF, 264KB)

Administrative policy to provide for the replacement of the residential privately owned portion of a lead water service line. Enacted March 28, 2017.

Replacement of Residential Privately-owned Lead Water Service Line (17-01)(PDF, 382KB)

Administrative policy regarding City employees rest breaks and lunch periods. Enacted August 27, 1975. 

Rest Breaks and Lunch Periods (75-07)(PDF, 49KB)

Administrative policy to establish an Oversight Committee for the Retiree Healthcare Trust Funds. Enacted June 12, 2015. Revised June 7, 2019.

Retiree Healthcare Trust Funds Oversight Committee (15-04)(PDF, 41KB)


Administrative policy to establish a procedure for reporting safety hazards. Enacted 1978. Revised November 26, 1990.

Safety Observation Reports/ Safety Complaints (78-02)(PDF, 51KB)

Administrative policy for the City to comply with all safety and health laws regulations.

Safety and Health Program (82-02)(PDF, 173KB)

Administrative policy regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Enacted March 26, 1986. Revised March 9, 2010.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (86-01)(PDF, 74KB)

Administrative policy to establish a procedure for reviewing and monitoring employee's sick leave usage. Enacted December 5, 1984. Revised March 6, 1995.

Sick Leave (84-03)(PDF, 52KB)

Administrative policy about the image/signage for the City. Enacted November 11, 1982. 

Signage and Identification (82-03)(PDF, 53KB)

Administrative policy to define the City’s smoke free work environment. Enacted December 17, 1986. Revised April 1, 2013.

Smoking in City Buildings (86-04)(PDF, 206KB)

This policy, effective January 3, 2023, provides a framework and expectations for establishing, overseeing, moderating, and using social media platforms for organizational use as well as establishing social media public engagement standards, and personal use of social media by employees and others affiliated with the City of Grand Rapids.

Download Policy(PDF, 245KB)

Administrative policy governing the usage and disposing of records which contains Social Security Numbers. Enacted August 11, 2004. Revised December 12, 2017.

Social Security Number Privacy (05-01)(PDF, 62KB)

Administrative policy to establish soil erosion and sedimentation control procedures. Enacted November 1, 2006. Revised November 28, 2016.

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Procedures (06-01)(PDF, 168KB)

Administrative policy prohibiting City officers or employees from using their position to ask for gifts/favors for themselves or others. Enacted October 23, 1974.

Solicitation/Acceptance of Favors (74-07)(PDF, 48KB)

Administrative policy to establish a consistent City-wide general approach to special events. Enacted January 20, 1989. Revised December 14, 2013.

Special Events (89-01)(PDF, 259KB)

Administrative policy to govern special event permit fees. Enacted October 1, 2017.

Special Events Permit Fees (17-03)(PDF, 429KB)

Fee Structure (17-03)(PDF, 380KB)

Administrative policy to control alcoholism amongst the employees of the City. Enacted January 26, 1973.

Substance Abuse (73-01)(PDF, 51KB)

Administrative policy prohibiting substance abuse in commercial motor vehicle drivers. Enacted January 31, 1995.

Substance Abuse Policy for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers (95-02)(PDF, 401KB)


Administrative policy to encourage employees to develop ideas to better serve the citizens of Grand Rapids. Enacted July 1,1988. Revised November 14, 2002.

Suggestion Program (88-04)(PDF, 51KB)

Administrative policy to establish a policy and procedures during initial phase of testing and evaluation for potential body-worn camera by the Grand Rapids Police Department. Enacted March 10, 2015.

Technology Coordination Group (15-05)(PDF, 227KB)

Cover Memo(PDF, 549KB)

Administrative policy establishing tools and guidance to employees regarding telecommuting. Enacted August 21, 2020.

Telework Policy

Administrative policy for tools, equipment, facilities, and property use. Enacted August 23, 1971.

Tools, Equipment, Facilities, and Property Use 71-04(PDF, 49KB)

Administrative policy ensuring the safety of City employees in tornado emergency situations. Enacted June 1974. Revised June 21, 2024.

Tornado Emergency Procedures 74-04(PDF, 230KB)


Administrative policy governing City employee's travel, memberships, and local business expenses. Enacted July 1, 1969. Revised July 7, 2019.

Travel/Memberships/Local Business Expenses (69-03)(PDF, 107KB)


Administrative policy to establish a policy and procedures during initial phase of testing and evaluation for potential body-worn camera by the Grand Rapids Police Department.Enacted March 10, 2015.

Use of Body-Worn Cameras (15-01)(PDF, 229KB)

Administrative policy to establish a uniform policy for the administration of the Video Service Providers Capital Equipment Grant Program. Enacted May 21, 2021.

Video-Service-Grant-Administration (21-02)(PDF, 185KB)

Administrative policy to establish a response to an armed disturbance for employees and guests inside City facilities. Enacted September 19, 2016.

Violence in the Workplace (16-03)(PDF, 204KB)

Administrative policy on the plan and guidelines for the City's Vital Streets Program.

Vital Streets Plan and Design Guidelines (18-03)(PDF, 951KB)

Administrative policy to guide all City employees in the proper disposal of waste products. Enacted July 6, 1990. 

Waste Disposal (90-02)(PDF, 72KB)

Administrative policy for zoning fee refund requests. Enacted June 25, 1993.

Zoning Fee Refunds (93-01)(PDF, 49KB)