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Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, we are making the Tax Return Upload available to all taxpayers, corporations and employers.

Individual and Corporate tax returns as well as first quarter estimated payments originally due April 30th are now due July 31st. Second quarter estimated payments due June 30th will also now be due July 31st.  There are no changes to withholding due dates.  Anyone that has already set up an automatic withdrawal for April 30th or June 30th that would like the date changed should contact our office before April 29th at 616-456-3415 option.

Upload your Tax Return/Withholding here:

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The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service announced that the federal income tax filing due date is automatically extended from April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020.

The City of Grand Rapids will be following the IRS based on Sec 141.664 Sec 64. The Income Tax Administrator will be moving the date due from April 30th to July 31st

Taxpayers can defer income tax payments due on April 30th, 2020, to July 31st,  2020, without penalties and interest, regardless of the amount owed. This means we will give all Grand Rapids taxpayers until July 31st to file. This deferment applies to all taxpayers, including individuals, trusts and estates, corporations and other non-corporate tax filers as well as those who pay self-employment tax. This deferment does not apply to any withholding taxes.

Taxpayers don't need to file any additional forms or call us to qualify for this automatic tax filing and payment relief. Individual taxpayers who need additional time to file beyond the July 31st deadline, can request a filing extension by filing our extension form.

There will not be any penalty or interest on tax due unless it was for failure to make estimated payments.  All court dates have been postponed or dismissed for 90-days.  If you have an automatic payment arrangement or payment plan and need to make adjustments during this time please email or call 616-456-3415 option 0.

We'll be available for phone calls Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM. We'll have extended hours for filing with it's deemed safe to do so. If you have your return done and are able, consider uploading it to us on our website for faster processing.


The Income Tax department is responsible for overseeing the Income Tax ordinance compliance. We work with individuals and employers to provide tax payer service. Have questions? Check out the contact us section and reach out to us. We're happy to help!

Here's a look at what we do:

  • Collect and account for income tax receipts
  • Process income tax returns
  • Refund overpayments
  • Assess tax deficiencies
  • Provide taxpayer service
  • Run collection, compliance, and enforcement programs

Individual Tax Forms

Most Recent Year


Past Years


Need to make an income tax payment? You'll have some options to choose from. Check out our income tax payments page.

Income Tax Payments

Filing Guide and Tax Forms

Looking for more information about how to file your individual tax return? We've put together a guide to cover all of the important topics. Here's a quick look at what you'll find in our guide:

  • Who needs to file
  • Tax Rates
  • Taxable vs. Nontaxable Income
  • Deductions
  • Options for Filing a Return
  • Due Dates and Instructions for Filing an Extension
  • Payment Options

If you can't find what you need give us a call. Our number is in the Contact Us section of this page.

Individual Filing Guide

Residency Status - Street Directory 

Kent County maintains a Street Directory document that tells you which municipality your address is within. You can see a list of all addresses considered Grand Rapids residents. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the document and press Ctrl+F on your keyboard
  2. Search your street number and address
  3. Reference the Political Jurisdiction column to find your municipality

Some addresses, like the Gerald R. Ford Airport, are partially in and partially out of Grand Rapids. In this case, give us a call for more instruction. Our number is listed in the Contact Us section of this page.

Street Directory

File Online

We now have a new EZ resident form. This new form is through a third party site. It allows you to file online. This form can only be used by residents.

File Online

Upload Electronic Return

If you used Turbo Tax or any other electronic program that does not e-file, you can upload your file here.

Upload Return

File by Mail

There are many ways to file your return. You can print the forms right from this page. Just go to the Individual Filers section above to find the right forms. Then fill them out and mail them to the appropriate address listed below.


Grand Rapids Income Tax
PO Box 106
Grand Rapids, MI 49501


Grand Rapids Income Tax
PO Box 107
Grand Rapids, MI

File in Person 

Need help? You can also come in person, and we can process your return for you.


City Hall
300 Monroe Ave NW
Third Floor
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Make Changes to Your Return

Need to make a correction? Use the 1040 Amended(PDF, 146KB) form.


Still have questions? Email us at

File a 1040EZ Online

Full-year residents can file online if they meet certain conditions. Your income must be derived only from wages, interest, or dividends. None of your income can be excludable from the Grand Rapids Income tax return.

Online EZ Form

Upload your return

If you used Turbo Tax or other electronic program that does not e-file you can upload your file here.

Upload Return

Questions about e-filing?

Email us at We'll get right back to you!


Email us at We respond quickly.

Pay Your Withholding 

You can use a third-party site called Municonnect to pay your withholding or to download your customized withholding booklet.

Pay Online

Withholders Tax Forms

Withholding Guide and Forms

We've put together a guide with everything you need to know about withholding income taxes. Here's a look at what we'll cover in the guide:

  • Who Needs to Withhold
  • Tax Rates
  •  Due Dates
  • Filing and Paying Withholdings

Not finding what you need? Contact us at

Withholder Guide

Employer Account Access

Need to access you online withholding account to print your booklet?

Access Your Account


Questions? Email us at


Questions? Email us at

Live in a different city in Michigan? Work in a different city in Michigan? We keep a list of other Michigan cities that impose income taxes. You'll find info about the date their taxes took effect, accepted forms, tax rates, and more!

List of Other Cities