Code Compliance

Have you ever heard that something isn't up to code? The code refers to the City’s standards for keeping up houses, buildings and other spaces. We maintain these standards and make sure they're followed.

Property maintenance is critical in preserving investment and quality of life in neighborhoods. Our primary responsibility is to ensure Grand Rapids is a healthy and safe place to live, work and play.

2024 Property Maintenance Code Amendments

On June 13, 2023, the Grand Rapids City Commission approved amendments to the Property Maintenance Code.

The following two amendments go into effect January 1, 2024: 

  1. Updating the base property maintenance code to the 2021 version of the International Property Maintenance Code  (IPMC). The City currently uses the 2012 version.

  2. Revising Section 8.504 – Amendments to the Code. Learn more with this document that provides a summary and details of the changes.(PDF, 991KB)

Chapter 12 – Lead-Based Paint(PDF, 174KB) was added to the Property Maintenance Code on June 13, 2023 as well. This Chapter includes new requirements to screen for the presence of lead dust in pre-1978 rental properties as part of the Rental Certification process. The requirement for lead-dust sampling is postponed until further notice. Here is a helpful Fact Sheet(PDF, 197KB).

Enmiendas al Código de Mantenimiento de Propiedades 2024

El 13 de junio de 2023, la Comisión de la Ciudad de Grand Rapids aprobó enmiendas al Código de Mantenimiento de la Propiedad.

Las siguientes dos enmiendas entran en vigor el 1 de enero de 2024:

  1. Actualización de la base del código de mantenimiento de la propiedad a la versión 2021 del Código Internacional de Mantenimiento de la Propiedad (IPMC). La Ciudad utiliza actualmente la versión del 2012.

  2. Revisión de la Sección 8.504 - Enmiendas al Código. Obtenga más información con este documento que proporciona un resumen y detalles de los cambios(PDF, 991KB).

El Capítulo 12 - Pintura a base de plomo(PDF, 174KB) también se añadió al Código de Mantenimiento de Propiedades el 13 de junio de 2023. Este capítulo incluye nuevos requisitos para detectar la presencia de polvo de plomo en propiedades de alquiler construidas antes del año 1978 como parte del proceso de certificación de alquiler. Este cambio entrará en vigor el 1 de abril de 2024. Aquí encontrará una hoja informativa útil(PDF, 244KB).

La Ciudad ha establecido un Umbral de Cumplimiento de Pintura a Base de Plomo que define claramente los niveles prohibidos de pintura deteriorada para el interior de las viviendas de alquiler construidas antes del año 1978. También se exigirá tomar muestras de polvo en todas las viviendas de alquiler construidas antes del año 1978 antes de la certificación. Estas actividades deben ser realizadas por empresas del sector privado registradas en el municipio y contratadas por el propietario, de forma muy similar al proceso utilizado para las inspecciones de seguridad mecánica. Estediagrama de fases de la inspección(PDF, 244KB)explica el proceso.

On January 1, 2024, all code references to lead-based paint were moved to Chapter 12 and additional requirements were added.

Visit this page for more information on Chapter 12: Lead-Based Paint.

Maintaining your rental property

You need to register your rental properties each year with us. You also need to have a Certificate of Compliance through our Rental Certification Program. We issue Certificates for two, four or six years.

Are you looking to buy a house or property to rent it out? Already have a property with rental units? You'll need to renew your registration or register a new property each year. Complete our form to register a rental or vacant property. Check out the list of registered properties here.

Renting in Grand Rapids

Are you looking to rent a property and want to see if it has a current Certificate of Compliance? Check out the full list certified rental properties here

Are you a college student renting in Grand Rapids? Check out our off-campus housing brochure here.

Residential Rental Application Fee Complaints

If you think you were charged an application fee in violation of the City’s ordinance when applying for a place to rent, fill out the Residential Rental Application Fee Complaint Form.

Complaint Form(PDF, 476KB)


We use the Grand Rapids Property Maintenance Code to guide inspections. This code consists of the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) with local amendments to fit our community’s needs. The International Code Council (ICC) publishes the IPMC and has a copyright on the content, so you must view it on their website. If you want a printed copy, you must purchase one from the ICC. If you want, you can also review the 2012 IPMC by visiting:

City Code Sections

Want to take a deeper look into the City Codes we enforce? Check them out below.

Notice of Complaint

Did you receive a Notice of Complaint and would like to schedule an inspection? Call us at 616-456-3053 or stop in to see us at 1120 Monroe Ave NW Suite 300.

Rental Certification Inspection

Do you own a rental property and want to schedule an inspection to certify your property? Call us at 616-456-3053 or stop in to see us at 1120 Monroe Ave NW Suite 300.

Report Complaints

If you see something, say something! Read below to learn more about how to report a complaint.

Condition Inside of a House

Do you have a complaint about the condition of the inside of a house? This could include heat kept lower than 68 degrees, leaking sinks, or blocked exits. Learn more and report a complaint for disrepair inside a house here.

Condition Outside of a House

Do you have a complaint about the condition of the outside of a house or building? This could include peeling paint, broken fences, or holes in the wall where animals enter. Learn more and report a complaint for disrepair on the outside of a house or building here.

Tall Grass or Trash

Do you have a complaint about tall grass or trash in a yard? Grass or weeds taller than 12 inches or trash in someone’s yard is dangerous. Learn more and report a complaint for tall grass or trash in a yard here.

Unused or Inoperable Vehicle

Do you have a complaint about an unused or inoperable vehicle on private property? Inoperable or unused vehicles are dangerous. You can only report vehicles that have been inoperable for more than 7 days. Learn more and report a complaint for an inoperable or unused vehicle here.

Vacant or Unsecured Houses or Buildings

Do you have a complaint about a house or building without secured windows and doors? Vacant and unsecure houses or buildings are dangerous. Learn more and report a complaint for a vacant house or building here.


Is someone using a property in a way that doesn't match the neighborhood? Our zoning ordinance protects the quality of your neighborhoods and business districts. Learn more and report a complaint about a suspected zoning violation here.


Have you seen or heard chickens roaming about the neighborhood? You can have chickens in your backyard with a permit.  Chickens must be kept in a fenced-in coop and roosters are not allowed. Learn more and report a complaint for a backyard chicken here.

Appeal a Housing Violation

Did you get a housing violation you'd like to appeal? You have the right to appeal the violation. Learn how to appeal here.

Pay an Invoice

Did your property get a violation or have you received an invoice for a rental certification? Pay the invoice hereTake a look at our Housing and Zoning Fees(PDF, 322KB) and Nuisance Fees(PDF, 112KB).

Citizen Access Portal

Want to know more about a property's code compliance history? Search a property's code enforcement history online using the Citizen Access Portal.

In Person

You can also research properties by coming to our office.

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