Chapter 12: Lead-Based Paint

New Lead-Based Paint Requirements

On June 13, 2023, the Grand Rapids City Commission approved amendments to the Property Maintenance Code that include adding Chapter 12 – Lead-Based Paint to the code. Chapter 12 includes new and future requirements to screen for potential lead hazards in pre-1978 rental properties as part of the Rental Certification process.

To prepare for implementation, the City held three opportunities for rental property owners and others to learn about changes to the ordinance. These information sessions were held on August 1, 9, and 24 and were attended by more than 250 people. For those who missed the scheduled meetings, the following resources are available.

Video recording of the August 9 session

Slide deck for the August 9 and 24 sessions(PDF, 2MB)

Learn more about the requirements in the sections below.

The City has established a Lead-Based Paint Enforcement Threshold that clearly defines prohibited levels of deteriorated paint for the interior of pre-1978 rental housing.

The ordinance includes a Lead-Dust Screening requirement for well maintained pre-1978 rental housing. Properties that do not meet the threshold must make repairs using lead-safe work practices and must conduct dust clearance testing to State and federal standards following repairs. These requirements are postponed until further notice.

Chapter 12 Resources:

To assist rental property owners with using lead-safe work practices when maintaining rental property, the City of Grand Rapids is providing FREE training for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (US-EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting program (RRP).

This one-day training teaches rental property owners and their staff how to work lead-safe and satisfies federal Certified Renovator requirements. The US-EPA makes it clear that rental property owners doing their own work must be RRP-certified. The US-EPA has specific requirements for rental property managers.

The City of Grand Rapids provides RRP training free of cost to Grand Rapids property owners and contractors  and property management firms doing work in Grand Rapids. Advance registration is required for all RRP training. For dates, location, and to register visit this FREE RRP Training registration page

The Rental Property Owners Association (RPOA) also offers RRP classes for a fee. The RPOA classes are a "hybrid" format, allowing participants to complete much of the class online with only three hours of in-person instruction. To learn more about class dates, format, and cost, visit the RPOA RRP Training website.

Below are two additional resources to assist property owners with addressing lead in rental properties.