Rental Certification Program


Do you own a rental unit? You'll need to get the Certificate of Compliance before someone can live there.  

Our rental certification program protects the health and safety of Grand Rapids residents. It also stabilizes neighborhoods, helps to prevent blight, and preserves taxable value.

Certified Properties

We inspect rental properties occupied by people other than the owner.  

We issue a Certificate of Compliance when the rental property meets the housing code. Once certified we send a notice to property owners before a new certification is due.

Certificate Terms

We issue Certificates for two, four or six years, depending on the property. We send the property owner or manager a reminder to re-certify 90 days before a new certification is due.

Rental Properties with Current Certificates

Check out rental properties that have a Current Certificate of Compliance.

Certificate of Compliance Fees by Type

We have different fees based on the property type and when you certify your property. Take a look at our Housing and Zoning Fees(PDF, 136KB) schedule to estimate your costs.

Schedule an Inspection

You can schedule an inspection by calling us at 616-456-3053 or stop in to see us at 1120 Monroe Ave NW.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM. We are closed on public holidays.

Prepare for Your Inspection

We’ve put together an inspection checklist to help you prepare for your inspection. It includes common violations, but our inspectors may find other items not listed. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Rental Certification - Basic Requirements Checklist

English Version(PDF, 150KB) | Spanish Version(PDF, 179KB)

Make sure to also check out our Housing and Zoning Fee Schedule.(PDF, 136KB)

Prepare Your Tenants

Notify your tenants at least 48 hours before an inspection. You'll want to do this because we charge an extra fee if we can't access the property on the day of the inspection.

Bring a Pencil and Paper

Whenever possible, inspectors will issue verbal orders to avoid Notice of Violation fees. It's your responsibility to write down repairs that inspectors mention during the inspection.

Learn More

We use the Grand Rapids Property Maintenance Code to guide inspections. This code is a combination of the 2021 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) and amendments to fit our City’s needs. You can review the 2021 IPMC by visiting:

City Codes for your reference

Possible Outcomes

The process after inspection varies by house.

No Violations

You’ll receive a 2, 4, or 6 year Certificate of Compliance for the unit(s). We’ll send you a reminder when you need your next rental inspection.

Minor Violations

You may receive verbal orders with a 14-day repair deadline. Your inspector will return to make sure you made repairs. Once the officer finds no violations, we’ll issue your Certificate of Compliance.

Major Violations

You'll receive a Notice of Violation which gives you a repair deadline that is between 60- or 120-days. The inspector returns to make sure you made repairs. The inspector may be able to offer suggestions on where you can receive help to make the repairs. The inspector will continue to follow up and you may receive more fees. Once the inspector finds no violations, we’ll issue your Certificate of Compliance.

There are many resources to help homeowners fix up rental properties. Take a look at the Homeownership Initiative Page.

Register Rental or Vacant Properties

You need to register rental properties every year. You need to register vacant properties within 15 days of becoming vacant. We use registrations to contact the manager or owner of properties. If we receive a complaint for a property, we can reach the right person. 

Register a Property