Mobile GR and Parking Services

Graphic of Grand Rapids Skyline with a person walking, biking, driving a car, and on a bus


We work to provide residents, workers, and visitors with 21st Century Mobility. We manage a parking system made up of street parking, ramps, and lots. Parking is only one part of a mobility solution. That’s why we are working to broaden our transportation options and strengthen what we have.

We know social justice, economic development, and transportation depend on each other's success. We work to improve our quality of life by getting more people to use active transportation. We want to help expand people’s options so they can choose to take transit, walk, bike, carpool, or drive alone.

Downtown Commuter Resource Guide

We help commuters discover transportation options and decide what works best for them. Parking isn’t your only option to get to work. We offer programs and services to access transportation that works for you.

Find out more using our Downtown Commuter Resource Guide.

Downtown Visitor Mobility and Parking Guide

Our city has been changing a lot and visiting can be stressful when you don’t know how to get around. We want your Grand Rapids visit to be easy and stress free. We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate your options when you are planning a trip to downtown. Coming downtown from a nearby neighborhood? Or from a neighboring community? We're here to help you get to and around downtown.

Find out more using our Downtown Visitor Mobility and Parking Guide.

Daily Visitor Validation Tickets

Do you want to offer free or discounted parking for your customers, visitors, or event attendees? Buy bulk validation tickets for your organization or business. Request Daily Visitor Tickets here.

Special Event Validation Tickets

Do you want to offer free or discounted parking for your special event attendees? Buy bulk validation tickets for your special event. Request Special Event Validation Tickets here.

Residential Parking Permit Program

Are you looking for a residential parking permit for Belknap Lookout, Alabama Street or Lake Drive? You are in the right place to get a parking permit for you or your guests!

Apply for a Residential Parking Permit

Scooter and Bike Share Pilot

A scooter share pilot launched September 30, 2020 to residents and visitors in Grand Rapids!

Starting with greater downtown, the pilot will cover a 12-mile area(JPG, 331KB). These new and environmentally friendly options will include electric standing and seated scooters and e-bicycles.

Find out more about the effort on our Shared Mobility page.

Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative #AVGR

The Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (AVGR) brings four electric shuttles to downtown streets this summer for a year pilot. A wheelchair accessible vehicle is also available on demand. The six-seat shuttles are here through January 2021. The shuttles are self-driving. However, they’ll always have an attendant when they’re on our streets.

Find out more about the effort on our Autonomous Vehicle AVGR page.

Bicycle Action Plan

Do you dream of safer and more comfortable bicycling in Grand Rapids? Take the survey, mark the map, and learn more about the project. We're building the future of GR biking together.

Find out more about the effort on our Bicycle Action Plan page.

Bike Share Study Initiative

We are exploring how to expand our transportation options in the area. Bike share is one mode we are looking at to fill a transportation need.

Find out more about the study on our Bike Share Study page.

Residential Parking Permit Program

Our neighborhood business districts are growing and this can cause parking challenges. We offer a residential parking permit program to focus on resident parking needs.

Find out more about the program on our Residential Parking Permit Program page.

Parking Rate and Demand Study 2019

We released this study and sought feedback from you! Take a look at the Parking Rate and Demand Study page.

Pay Station Replacement and Expansion

We continue to replace existing parking meters with pay stations in Grand Rapids. We began work in 2017 and expect to be complete by 2019.

We've also expanding our service area. Neighborhood lots and certain business districts have converted to paid parking. Last year, we installed pay stations in seven key districts.

Traffic Safety

We make sure traffic is safe and efficient through intentional design. We construct, operate and maintain the City's traffic control. We're here to help you with requests related to street signals and signs.

Find out more about programs and services related to Traffic Safety.

Parking Violations Bureau

The City Treasurer’s office serves as the Parking Violations Bureau. We can answer your questions about parking violations.

Check out information about parking tickets by visiting Parking Violation Fees and Policies.

Dispute a Parking Ticket

Do you feel like we issued your parking ticket in error? You can dispute a parking ticket here.

Pay a Parking Ticket

Did you get a parking ticket? Pay your parking ticket here or explore your other options.

Mobile GR Commission

We're a citizen board, passionate about mobility in Grand Rapids. We make sure that all types of mobility are included in the City's vision. Think cars, bikes, public transit, and pedestrians.

Learn more at our Mobile GR Commission page.