Resident Permits and Requests

Request a Monthly Parking Permit

Are you looking for a monthly parking permit in the downtown Grand Rapids area? You're in the right place to request a permit or get on our parking permit waiting list.

Request a Monthly Parking Permit

Residential Parking Permits

Are you looking for a permit for a Residential Parking Permit Zone? You're in the right place to get a parking permit for you or your guests!

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Block Party Request

Are you planning a block party in your neighborhood? A block party is a great way to celebrate and encourage stronger communities. To support that the City can help you close the road during your party.

Submit a Block Party Request

Petition for an Odd/Even or One-Side Winter Parking Restrictions

Do you want to add odd/even or one side winter parking restrictions to your street? You can petition and vote on seasonal parking limitations for your block.

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Apply for Accessible Parking on a Residential Street

Do you need more accessible parking on your residential street? You can apply for it here.

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Apply For Traffic Calming on Your Residential Street

Are you looking to make your residential street safer? Apply for our Traffic Calming program here. 

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