Income Tax Forms

This is the Income Tax department's library of Income Tax Forms. We have everything individuals, businesses, and withholders need to file taxes with the City.

Want to learn more about filing your taxes? Click the link below for further instructions and our contact information.

Income Tax Department

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There are many ways to file your return. You can print the forms here. Then just fill them out and mail them in. Need help? You can also come in person and we can process your return for you.

File Online

We now have a new EZ resident form.  This new form is through a third party site.  It allows you to file online. This form can only be used by residents.

File Online


If you used Turbo Tax or other electronic program that does not e-file you can upload your file here.

Upload Return

Make Changes to Your Return

Did you already file and need to make a correction? You can use this form to do that: 1040 Amended

Mail Your Return

If expecting a refund

Grand Rapids Income Tax
PO Box 106
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

If not expecting a refund

Grand Rapids Income Tax
PO Box 107
Grand Rapids, MI

File In Person

Visit our office to file your return in person.

Income Tax

City Hall
300 Monroe Ave NW
Third Floor
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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