Lead Water Service Line Map

How to search for your property’s water service line information

  1. Use the map below or click here to view the water service line material in a new tab. Tip: The map supports the following browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firebox, and Safari 7.2 and later. 
  2. Enter the property address in the search box or pan and zoom to a specific location.
  3. Click the circle located within the property boundaries to view the property's water service line information. Please, refer to the legend, the left half of the service circle is for the public material, and the right half is the private side material. Tip: If we do not have records indicating that the water service line is not lead and the property was built before 1950, the service line material is assumed to be lead.

  4. If there are multiple services on a given property, use the arrow as shown below to cycle through the service line information. 


The information provided through this map is updated in real-time with data that’s available to us.