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Welcome to the Engineering Department's Document Center. Below you will find links to various document types that we are posting to the public. Most documents will be up on the site for 1 month. If you have any questions, you can reach us using the information under the contact section. 

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You can download check print documents that are ready for review.

  • Check prints are plans that are in the final stages of design and are ready for review. 

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Booster Station D (17060):

17016 Alpine-Coit-Kalamazoo

  • Bid Set Documents (as-bid) 
  • Posted 2/12/2018

Here are the most recent proposal requests from the Engineering Department.

RFQ - Grand River Revitalization

Here are recent requests for existing utility plans (as-builts). Utility plans are document sets that have been requested by developers to understand the current public infrastructure. 

You can make a utility request here.