Lead Service Line Replacement Program

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What is the Lead Service Line Replacement Program?

We are replacing lead service lines at no cost to homeowners or commercial properties that meet the certain requirements.

Program Requirements

  • There is a water service leak on the lead water service line.
  • Your home is within the limits of a construction project.
  • Your home is within an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded project.

If you meet these conditions, you can qualify for a lead service line replacement.

If you do not meet the requirements, and still want to have your lead service line replace you are responsible to pay for the replacement. You can use a Ten-Pay program to spread the cost over 10 years.

We are replacing all lead service lines in the next 20 years or in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan.

Leaks, Emergencies, or Service Disturbances

Water service leaks on the private or public side qualify as emergencies. Negligent actions by the homeowner or contractor disqualify the service from a City-sponsored replacement.

Reported water service leaks must occur after 3/28/2017.

You'll need to sign a Water Service Agreement before work begins on your property. We'll coordinate the repairs and work with an approved City contractor/plumber to replace the line.

Report a Leak

Contact us at 616-456-3141

City Construction Projects

We will call, send you mailers, and leave door hangers when there is an upcoming City project on your street.

  •      You need to sign a Water Service Agreement before work can begin on your property.
  •      The work will need to be coordinated between our contractor and homeowner/tenant for access to the property.

EPA Grant Funded Projects

We have been awarded a $5.1 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for private lead service line replacements. The grant will help replace approximately 1,608 private lead service lines in the next four years in Neighborhoods of Focus (NOF).

Tenants and property owners will receive a letter, door hanger or call informing them of their upcoming lead service line replacement and steps on how to begin the process.

More Info

Voluntary Lead Service Line Replacement

If you don't meet one of the three service line conditions, you can still have your lead service line replaced. You'll just need to pay for it yourself. The City will replace the lead service line on the public side of the service at no cost to you. You can use a Ten-Pay program to spread the cost over 10 years. You'll pay a small interest rate.

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