Zoning Ordinance


Grand Rapids is split into zone districts. The Zoning Ordinance is the set of laws we have for these zones. We review land uses based on the location and other factors.

In each zone district land uses are

  • Permitted by Right (P) - Allowed in the zone district with Staff review
  • Special Land Use (S) - Subject to Planning Commission review and approval
  • Qualified Review (QR) - Subject to Planning Commission review and approval under certain conditions
  • Prohibited (X)

Zoning Ordinance

The common zone types are residential, commercial and industrial. The intent of zoning to keep our neighborhoods and businesses strong. Check out the Zoning Ordinance below.

Zoning Ordinance

Housing NOW! Amendments

The Planning Commission recently approved several Zoning Ordinance amendments regarding affordable housing. Want to take a closer look at these? Check out the Housing NOW! page.

Housing NOW!

January 2018 Staff Report

Review our staff Report for the Planning Commission on January 25, 2018. You can also Watch Video of that Planning Commission Meeting.

Draft Meeting Minutes

City Commission Review

City Commission reviewed these recommendations at the February 20, 2018 Commission meeting and set a public hearing for March 27, 2018.

The Planning Commission recommended an amendment to allow two-familiy and multi-family residential by right within a 500' buffer from certain commercial zone districts.


Zoning Violations

Is there a property being used in a way that doesn't match the neighborhood?

Common examples

  • Illegal business
  • Improperly installed fence
  • Illegal or improperly installed sign

Report a Violation

Confirming Legal Use

Current zoning may not always reflect the legal use of a particular property. The property may have non-conforming rights for a particular use (grandfathered). Also, in some cases, a previous variance or previous Special Land Use approval may be in effect. Determine the legal use of a particular property by submitting a property use verification form.

Verify Property Use

Administrative Policy

Interested in how we determine Zoning Fee refunds? Review our Policy.

Refund Policy