City Cemetery Rules and Regulations

photo of headstones and memorials in a graveyard

City Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Dates to Remember

  • April 1 - October 1: All decorations should be placed in an urn or basket.
  • October 15 - March 31: All decorations should be removed from the burial spaces. Items in urns can remain.
  • November 15 - March 1: Only winter wreaths allowed.

Placing of Objects on Lots

  • No object, except a grave marker and/or approved flower urns/baskets should be placed on lots.
  • Flags and flag holders that identify the graves of Veterans should be placed to the side of the grave marker.
  • Unapproved objects placed on a lot may be removed without notice or compensation.
  • We cannot store or save decorations removed from burial spaces.
  • We reserve the right to regulate burial space decoration for beauty and safety.
  • Concrete, plastic, Styrofoam, ornaments, metal signs, bottles, jars, tin cans, shells, stones (except those placed on markers), boxes, statues, glass vases, wood or metal cases, vigil lights, etc. are not allowed.

Plants and Shrubs

  • The planting of plants and shrubs are restricted to monument sites only. The owner of a monument site may choose from a listing of approved shrubs and evergreens. Call us for more information. 

Removal of Plants and Shrubs

  • We reserve the right to remove unapproved trees, shrubs and flowers.
  • We reserve the right to trim, cut down and remove any plantings that are in poor condition.
  • We reserve the right to remove trees planted by the lot owner at their expense if removal is needed for a burial.


  • All real or artificial flower or floral plantings must be in approved urns or containers. If not, they will be removed.
  • Faded, disintegrated, or broken artificial flowers will be removed.
  • We are not responsible for flowers or plantings that may prohibit grounds care activities.

Flower Hangers

  • Shepherd’s hooks, ornament holders, or decorations that penetrate the ground are not allowed.

Urn and Container Size and Placement

  • Urns and containers should be no larger than 12 inches (square or diameter).
  • Approved urns or containers must be placed to the side of the grave marker.
  • Only one approved urn per grave is permitted.

Cemetery Lawn

  • Lawns may not be disturbed for any purpose.
  • Planting, landscaping, mowing, fertilizing, coping, curbing, hedging or enclosures of any kind are not allowed.


  • Pets are not allowed at any time. 


  • Funerals are under the exclusive direction of the city cemetery management upon arrival.