Schedule an Inspection of Permitted Work

Are you a contractor or homeowner doing building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work that's ready for an inspection? You'll need to have a permit for the work to request an inspection. 

Online Form

Step 1.Check your eligibility

You can schedule online for all building and trade inspections except those done by the Fire Department. Check out our Inspection Scheduling Tutorial Video for more information.

To request an inspection by the Fire Department, please call 616-456-3818.

Step 2.Find your permit

Begin by visiting our WebPermits website, found here. You will then be able to search by your permit number. Type your permit number, including all letters, numbers, and dashes (ex. BC-ELEC-2022-9901).

Step 3.Select the Lookup Permit Information button

Keep in mind that only permits we've issued can have an inspection scheduled. If the permit you've looked up has been issued, click on the orange Lookup Permit Information button. From there, it will send you to a page showing the address and any scheduled inspections for the previously issued permits.

Step 4.Request an inspection

To schedule a new inspection, click on the text Schedule Inspection at the top of the page. From there, if there is an inspection available, the site will send you to a new page to schedule it.

Step 5.Choose the inspection type

The inspection type options vary based on the type of permit. Click the one you'd like to schedule, as well as a preferred inspection date and time block (AM/PM).

When scheduling inspections, follow the prompts on the page. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.

Step 6.Confirm the inspection details

Before you finish scheduling, there are a few things the inspector needs. Details about the work that needs inspecting as well as how to access the work site.

To do this, click in the Add Comments and Instructions box. Within the box, please provide us the below information about the work site, if applicable:

  • Site access information (Is the site open for access? Is there a hidden key or a lockbox? If so, what’s the lockbox code or where is the key located?)
  • Location of work to be inspected (ex. 5th floor)
  • Scope of work to be inspected
  • Site contact name and phone number

Once you fill all required fields, click on the orange Schedule Inspection button. You will be sent to a new page with a green box that informs you that your inspection has been confirmed.

Paper Form

We don't accept printed applications for this service 

You can give us a call at the number listed in the Contact Us section of this page. We're happy to help you schedule an inspection!


Call us for instructions

To schedule a building or trade inspection, please call 311 or 616-456-3000.

Alternatively, feel free to give our automated scheduling system a call at 616-828-0115 and follow the prompts. You will need your permit number as well as an inspection code. A list of 3-digit inspection codes can be found under the Related Links side panel of this page.

In Person

Visit our office

You may visit our office to schedule an inspection. We're located at the address listed in the Contact Us section of this page.