Lead Free Kids GR

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After a decade of decline, the number of children who have tested positive for lead poisoning in Kent County is rising. The majority of these children live in the heart of our City.
Recent data shows a 40% increase in lead poisoned children in the 49507 zip code during the past two years.  Lead poisoning is also rising in zip codes 49504 and 49503. The primary cause of lead poisoning in our community is lead exposure from dust in the home and soil in the yard.
Despite the City’s concerted lead remediation efforts and investments over the past decade, the problem persists. This is the impetus for the creation of Lead Free Kids GR.
The ultimate goal of the work is to have fewer children poisoned by lead and eliminate sources of lead poisoning. 

Mayor Bliss assembled Lead Free Kids GR to work on the lead issue in Grand Rapids. The committee will focus on reviewing, assessing and providing guidance on City housing and lead remediation procedures, plans and programs.

Their key objective is to guide strategic thinking to possible solutions that will provide an aggressive, comprehensive plan to dramatically reduce the number of children poisoned by lead in our community.

Lead Free Kids GR will:

  • Review statewide and county data, reports and recommendations
  • Assess the strengths and gaps in current City procedures, plans and programs
  • Make recommendations for changes and enhancements to City procedures, plans and programs
  • Identify best practices to implement in Grand Rapids
  • Make recommendations with clear, strategic action steps to enhance the City's work in eliminating lead hazards in homes and neighborhoods
  • Examine state legislative interventions to support a Lead Free Grand Rapids

On June 12, 2018, Mayor Bliss sent out formal invitations to now-committee members to join the advisory committee. Check out her letter to prospective committee members here(PDF, 314KB).