Improvements to Martin Luther King Park Lodge

The Parks and Recreation Department is continuing to plan for renovations to the community lodge and pool locker rooms at Martin Luther King Park. 

You will help this space become active and accessible for our community!

Concept of the new lodge at MLK Park

Concept design by Isaac V. Norris & Associates P.C.

Project Overview

New Lodge building

The site plan features an outline of the current Lodge to give perspective on the size increase for the new Lodge.

The new Lodge will feature two community offices, a rentable multipurpose room, a gymnasium, two rentable classrooms, and a fitness room for recreation classes.

The history of the lodge and community will be preserved in hallway gallery that showcases historic photos and community art.

Site Plan for improvements at MLK Park

Concept design by Isaac V. Norris & Associates P.C. and OCBA

Concept of the view of the Lodge and Pool House from the new parking lot

Concept design by Isaac V. Norris & Associates P.C.

New Pool House building

The Pool House is where visitors will purchase their pool pass and enter the pool deck. The Pool House building will include a pool staff kiosk, restrooms and both individual and family changing rooms.

Concept of the view of the new lodge and pool house from the pool deck

Concept design by Isaac V. Norris & Associates P.C.

Concept of the new locker room featuring family changing rooms and barrier free restrooms

Concept design by Isaac V. Norris & Associates P.C.

Reconstructed parking lot

The parking lot will be extended to include more parking spaces.

New playground

The new playground will be built with brand new playground features on the southeast corner of the Park (Alexander St. and Benjamin Ave.).

New fitness loop

The loop will add an additional recreation feature to the park. The loop will include exercise features along the path and will be constructed on the southwest corner of the Park (Alexander St. and Fuller Ave.).

Relocated community garden

The current community garden will be relocated and include new features.

Project Timeline


Spring 2019



MLK Park Neighborhood Quality of Life Study

Established neighborhood vision and priorities, established formal neighborhood association, and provided neighborhood recommendations for park space and lodge and Martin Luther King Park. 



FALL 2019


Neighborhood selection of IVNA for Feasibility Study

Residents reviewed proposals and created a review matrix that prioritized hyper-local and minority-owned firms. Isaac V. Norris & Associates (IVNA) was selected.  




Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment

*Community report-out, November 17, 2020




FALL 2021


Preliminary Design Phase

  • Determine community needs for programming and use of the space
  • Determine whether to renovate or rebuild the lodge -- Decision was to rebuild.

*Community input and review, Summer-Fall 2021





Final Design Phase

  • Develop final plans for building layout and aesthetics
  • Apply for LEED certification for building design and construction
  • Gather community input on final design components





  • Demolition to start early 2024
  • Construction includes: MLK Lodge rebuild, new pool locker facility, parking lot expansion, community garden relocation and expansion, new playground, and new fitness loop

Project Background

Resident voice has been at the center of this project, starting with the 2019 MLK Park Quality of Life Study. This resident-driven initiative focused on building neighborhood capacity, creating a common vision for the neighborhood, and recommending park improvements and activities.

Planning for improvements to the lodge at Martin Luther King Park builds off of the neighborhood priorities and feedback heard in the Quality of Life Study process. One final recommendation of the study, as it relates to the lodge building, is to "Renovate the MLK Park lodge to create a modernized, aesthetically pleasing community venue and rental facility that is safe and affordable for public use."

MLK Lodge Renovations Report-Out: November 17, 2020

Reporting results of architectural feasibility study and environmental assessment. 

November 17 Presentation Slides(PDF, 1MB)

November 17 Full Minutes(PDF, 249KB)

MLK Park Neighborhood Quality of Life Improvement Study report

MLK Park Neighborhood Quality of Life Improvement Study (2019)(PDF, 8MB)

*pending final review