Dev Center Customer Ombudsperson

The Customer Ombudsperson is a cross-departmental liaison who provides proactive customer support throughout the development process. They can help you identify the permits needed for your proposed project, keep your project moving through the appropriate channels in a timely manner and avoid costly delays. 

How can the Customer Ombudsperson can help you?

The Customer Ombudsperson provides a variety of customer support services including: 

  • Identifying the permits needed for proposed projects
  • Providing insight on required application materials for each permit type
  • Helping customers through the online permitting/plan review process
  • Educating and advising customers on steps they can take to resolve issues and expedite the process
  • Connecting customers with available economic development incentives
  • Assisting small business owners with licensing requirements and other required approvals

Whether you're starting a new business or are interested in remodeling your home, the Customer Ombudsperson can help you get started on the right path!

If you've interacted with the Customer Ombudsperson, we'd love to hear your feedback. Please complete the form below and share your experience with us. 

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