Community Master Plan

1. Overview

We're planning for Grand Rapids' future! This Community Master Plan was adopted in 1963 but we made updates in 2002. Click through the pages to download and read the Community Master Plan sections you're interested in.

Want the short version? Check out our Community Master Plan Summary(PDF, 3MB).

Want to learn more about creating a Community Master Plan? Check out our Creating and Implementing a Community Vision presentation.

Do you think there should be an amendment to the Community Master Plan? Consult our Planning Commission Community Master Plan Amendment Criteria(PDF, 36KB).

2. Preface

To start off, we have a letter from the 2002 City Planning Commission Chair, acknowledgements to those involved and the table of contents.


3. Chapter 1: Introduction


4. Chapter 2: Overview


5. Chapter 3: Great Neighborhoods

Great Neighborhoods

6. Chapter 4: Vital Business Districts

Vital Business Districts

7. Chapter 5: A Strong Economy

A Strong Economy

8. Chapter 6: Balanced Transportation

Balanced Transportation

9. Chapter 7: A City that Enriches Our Lives

A City that Enriches Our Lives

10. Chapter 8: A City in Balance with Nature

A City in Balance with Nature

11. Chapter 9: Partnerships


12. Chapter 10: Development Character

Development Character

13. Chapter 11: Area Specific Plans

Area Specific Plans

14. Chapter 12: Implementation


15. Index

Looking for something specific? Check the Index to find where specific information is located.


16. Glossary

We've defined the planning and land use terms we used in the Community Master Plan.