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We’re creating a new Community Master Plan (CMP) that will define the vision of how our city will grow and develop over the next 20 years. A CMP can address topical concepts related to land use such as equity, housing, environmental justice, and economic development. The last plan is from 2002 and it’s time for a new one. 

There's still time for you to complete our Launch Party activities for the Grand Rapids Community Master Plan. Share your hopes and dreams for the future of Grand Rapids and spread this information with your community. Click the button below for the online portal.  

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2002 Master Plan

To learn more about the 2002 Master Plan and Area Specific Plans (ASPs), please visit the page below.

2002 Master Plan

Community Master Plan Update Presentations

November 2022 Community Master Plan Update Presentation

Summary of where we're at in the process

February 2021 Community Master Plan Update Presentation

Summary of results of the Facilitator Program

November 2021 City Manager's Vlog

Update on the Community Master Plan

November 2020 Community Master Plan Update Presentation

Progress update for the Facilitator Program

March 2020 Community Master Plan Update Presentation

Introducing the Community Master Plan process

The Community Master Plan Steering Committee consists of the following individuals, appointed by Mayor Bliss with consultation from City Commissioners. The Steering Committee members represent all three City wards and a variety of Grand Rapids businesses and non-profit organizations:

  • Sonali Allen, Mercantile Bank of Michigan
  • Tommy Allen, Rapid Growth Media
  • Ryan Anderson, Mobile GR Commissioner, Herman Miller
  • Jathan Austin, Ethel Empowerment Church
  • Rev. Katherine Baker, Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministries and Spiritual Wellness
  • Tasha Blackmon, Cherry Health
  • Elianna Bootzin, Neighbors of Belknap Lookout
  • Walter L. Burt, Ward 3 City Commissioner appointee
  • Guillermo Cisneros, West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Isaac DeGraaf, LINC UP
  • Ken Fawcett, Spectrum Health/Spectrum Health Healthier Communities
  • Sonja Forte, Baxter Community Center
  • Evelyn Esparza-Gonzalez, Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
  • Synia Gant-Jordan, Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4)
  • Emma Garcia, Access of West Michigan
  • Kristian Grant, Southtown Corridor Improvement Authority, GRPS, Grant Development, LLC
  • Aaron Ferguson, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Brenda Brame, Kent County Tax Credit Coalition at Heart of Michigan United Way
  • Lisa Haynes, Grand Valley State University
  • Dale Hotelling, Ward 2 City Commissioner appointee
  • Chip Hurley, Signature Associates
  • Erick Kind, MDOT
  • Shana Lewis, Trinity Health – Mercy Health
  • Emily Loeks, Studio C
  • Ted Lott, Lott3Metz Architecture
  • Josh Lunger, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Jameela Maun, Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan
  • Paola Mendivil, El Granjero Mexican Grill/Ferris State University
  • Nick Monoyios, Interurban Transit Partnership – The Rapid
  • Minnie Morey, West Michigan Asian American Association
  • Tim Mroz, The Right Place, Inc.
  • Isaac Norris, Issac V. Norris & Associates, P.C. and Southtown CIA
  • Javier Olvera, Supermercado Mexico (Olvera Enterprises)
  • Lynn Rabaut, Former City Commissioner
  • Lindsey Reames, Grand Rapids Housing Commission
  • Terry Rostic, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Paul Rozenboom, Planning Commissioner
  • Kareem Scales, Greater Grand Rapids NAACP
  • Mark Schaub, Ward 1 City Commissioner appointee
  • Megan Steenwyk, Next Gen Advisory Board, Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce
  • Monica Steimle-App, Rockford Construction
  • Eddie Tadlock, Devos Place/Van Andel Arena (ASM Global)
  • Annette Vandenberg, West Grand Neighborhood Organization
  • Angélica Velazquez Estrada, La Casa de la Cobija
  • Rick Winn, AHC Hospitality/Experience GR/River For All
  • Javier Cervantes, Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Stacy Bare, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks
  • Ron Yob, Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians 

In keeping with the values outlined in the City's Strategic Plan, the charts below break down committee membership by race/ethnicity, gender, geography, sector representation and other key areas:

SC Race Demographics V1.png


GR Residency by Ward.jpg

Ward Represenation.png

Sector Representation.png


The City of Grand Rapids issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for obtaining proposals from professional consulting firms/teams to provide professional and technical expertise for the preparation of a CMP. A proposal evaluation team composed of Steering Committee members and Planning Department staff selected Planning NEXT. To view their proposal, which includes a scope of work, please visit here.

We've hired Community Connectors and Neighborhood Organizations to help us with engagement. They are hosting small group meetings and one-on-one interviews with people in the community during each round of engagement.

They represent all three City wards and a variety of Grand Rapids businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Community Connectors:

  • Marian Barrera -Young, Baxter Neighborhood Association
  • Julie Blanco, West Michigan Asian American Association
  • Datasha Chapman, MLK Park Neighborhood Association
  • AC Cluely, Treetops Collective
  • Betsy Hernandez, North East Citizens Action (NECA)
  • Tecca Lynn Jones, Baxter United
  • Kimberly Moore,, Kids Food Basket
  • Mallory Patterson, Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Steff Rosalez, Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities
  • Eleanor Moreno, Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities
  • Noemi Gonzalez, Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities
  • Kareem Scales, Formerly NAACP of GR + GR CMP SC
  • Cassidy Splawn, Resident of Ward 1
  • Regenail Thomas, Seeds of Promise
  • Jenine Torres, Resident of Ward 1
  • Victor Williams, Boston Square Neighborhood Association
  • Adam Tuano Williams, Highland Park Neighborhood Association
  • Michael Williams, Disability Advocates of Kent County
  • Matt Channing, Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Organizations:

  • Gregg Hampshire, Creston Neighborhood Association
  • Jessica Young, East Hills Council of Neighbors
  • Steven Martinez, Eastown Community Association
  • Fran Dalton, Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association
  • Barbara Draughon, Heritage Hill Association
  • Willie Patterson III, LINC UP
  • Matt Bowman, Midtown Neighborhood Association
  • Elianna Bootzin, Neighbors of Belknap Lookout
  • Amy Brower, Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association
  • Jill Schneider, South West Area Neighbors DBA John Ball Area Neighbors
  • Annette Vandenburg, West Grand Neighborhood Organization


Pre-Planning Phase

In 2020, 20 facilitators, hired by the City, hosted a variety of meetings to discuss the future of Grand Rapids and how the Community Master Plan (CMP) can better represent and serve its residents. The facilitators were individual community members and representatives from community organizations.

This pre-planning phase of the CMP process gathered information from the community on the successes of the 2002 Master Plan and sought information on where improvements could be made. 

Community Input Phase

The 2002 Master Plan contained common themes such as improvements to neighborhoods, business districts, transportation and culture.

In the coming months, a Steering Committee of community representatives and an external consultant will coordinate a robust, inclusive community engagement campaign to develop the new CMP.

The process will help build community consensus and establish a vision for the city's growth and development over the next 20 years.