Community Master Plan

2002 Master Plan


We plan for Grand Rapids' future. Our Master Plan (MP) spans over 20 years, but we reassess and update it regularly. We adopted the current Community Master Plan in 2002. (The previous MP was adopted in 1963.) The MP focuses on the following issues on which city policy can have a direct impact:

  • Land use
  • Development
  • Infrastructure

The plan also covers topics such as schools, public safety, job training and other quality of life aspects. Check out the plan below.

2002 Master Plan

We’re currently in the pre-planning phase for a new Community Master Plan! Check out more details here.

Community Master Plan Updates

Area Specific Plans

We collaborate with the community on Area Specific Plan (ASP) development processes. ASPs zero in on a smaller part of the city.

Check out the current ASP plans and projects below.

This ASP was adopted May 25, 2010. 

Boston Square Plan

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Maps and Drawings(PDF, 4MB)

This ASP was adopted April 25, 2017.

Grandville Avenue Plan

This ASP was adopted June 9, 2015.

Michigan Street Plan

This ASP was adopted December 3, 2020.

Southtown Plan

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Appendix(PDF, 9MB)

This ASP was adopted in 2015. 

Westside Plan

The Westside Plan includes several districts on the City's westside.

  • West Leonard Business District
  • West Grand Neighborhood Organization
  • Stockbridge Business District

This plan is not officially adopted by the City, but the Wealthy Street Business Alliance (WSBA) presented a position paper on Ground Floor Offices in 2016.

Position Paper

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WSBA Position Paper Map(PDF, 85KB)

This plan is not officially adopted by the City, but the Heartside Quality of Life Study was established in 2017.

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Download Final Report(PDF, 11MB)

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FINAL-REPORT-3-21-19.pdf(PDF, 11MB)

This plan is not officially adopted by the City. The MLK Park Neighborhood Quality of Life Improvement Study was conducted in 2019.

MLK Plan