Police Neighborhood Service Areas

The police department is divided into five services areas to best serve the community. Each area team is led by a captain and team of sergeants and officers assigned to address residents’ needs. We encourage you get to know your team and partner with the officers to improve the safety of your neighborhood. For emergencies, call 911.

Use this map to identify which service area you live or work in. 


West Side Service Area

Captain P.J. Baker Capt-PJ-Baker.jpg

Desk Phone: 616-456-3876      

Email: pbaker@grcity.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4528

Service Area Email: WestServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us




North End Service Area Captain Michael Maycroft

Captain Michael Maycroft  

Desk Phone: 616-456-3412

Email: mmaycrof@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4526

Service Area Email: NorthServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us




South Service Area Captain Williams

Captain Cathy Williams    

Desk Phone: 616-456-4485     

Email: cawillia@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4527

Service Area Email: SouthServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us




Central Service Area Captain Vincent Reilly  

Captain Vincent Reilly

Desk Phone: 616-456-3326

Email: vreilly@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4525

Service Area Email: CentralServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us




East Service Area Capt Dixon.png  

Captain Terry Dixon

Desk Phone: 616-456-4489

Email: tdixon@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4524

Service Area Email: EastServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us