Police Neighborhood Service Areas


To better serve your community we have divided the City of Grand Rapids in to 5 service areas. Each area has a team of officers assigned to it. We encourage you to get to know your team and learn how to work with them to improve the safety of your neighborhoods.

Please use this map to identify which service area you belong to.


West Side Service Area

Captian Matthew Ostapowicz

Captain Matthew Ostapowicz


Captain Matthew Ostapowicz is a second generation Grand Rapids Police Officer, following in the footsteps of his father, Deputy Police Chief Daniel Ostapowicz.  Captain Ostapowicz graduated from Siena Heights University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  He was hired by the GRPD in 1995 and worked as a Patrol Officer for one year, before being transferred to the Special Response Team for the next five years.  After his promotion to Sergeant in 2001, Captain Ostapowicz worked as a Patrol Supervisor for a short period, before returning to the Special Response Team in 2002.  In 2008, he was assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit, where he worked until June 2011, when he was named Acting Lieutenant and worked as the Watch Commander on Patrol Unit Three.  Captain Ostapowicz was formally promoted to Lieutenant in 2012, and continued in his same position of Watch Commander, until assuming the role of Lieutenant for the Special Response Team in April 2013.  He has worked in that position since that time.  Captain Ostapowicz has held an additional duty assignment as a Use of Force Instructor since 1996, and has received instructor certifications in various less-lethal devices and munitions, chemical agents, and distraction devices.  Additionally, he has been a part of training every recruit class since 1996.  Throughout his tenure with the Department, Captain Ostapowicz has received three Team Performance Awards, an Achievement Award, five Meritorious Unit Citations, and numerous Letters of Recognition.

North End Service Area

Captain Michael Maycroft

  Captain Michael Maycroft


Captain Michael Maycroft was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan.  He graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice-Public Safety and obtained a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Ferris State University.  He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, session #272. 

In 1995, Captain Maycroft began his Law Enforcement career as a member of the Norton Shores Police Department.  He continued there until April 1997, when he left to join the GRPD and worked primarily as a second shift Patrol Officer in the South Service Area, as well as being assigned to the Vice Unit for a year and a half.  When promoted in 2005, Captain Maycroft was assigned as a Patrol Sergeant for the North Service Area, and in 2010, he transitioned to the role of Crime Prevention Unit Supervisor and the Community Policing Sergeant for the seven South Service Area Community Police Officers.  Captain Maycroft was promoted to Lieutenant in 2013, after which he became the Commander of the Community Affairs and Crime Prevention Unit, as well as holding an additional assignment as the GRPD Honor Guard Commander.  Captain Maycroft is a Past President of the Gerald R. Ford Metro Lodge #97 (Fraternal Order of Police) and has been the Chairperson for the Annual Kent County Law Enforcement Memorial Service for the last 20 years.  Additional duty assignments have included working as a Background Investigator, serving as a member of the department’s Honor Guard since 2002, and being a Bomb Technician on the Bomb Squad since 2006.  Captain Maycroft was promoted to his current assignment as Commander of the North Service Area in 2015.  During his tenure at the department, Captain Maycroft has received two Team Performance Awards, an Achievement Award, four Meritorious Unit Citations, and a Certificate of Recognition, as well as numerous Letters of Recognition and Commendation.


Central Service Area

Captain Scott Rifenberg

Captain Scott Rifenberg


Captain Scott Rifenberg was born in Holland, Michigan, and raised in Grand Rapids. He graduated in 1995 from Michigan State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

Captain Rifenberg began his professional career with the Grand Rapids Police Department in 1996, where he served on patrol in the West and South Service Areas and spent six years in the Special Response Team. In September 2003, he was assigned to an Acting Sergeant role and served the Southwest Service Area. On August 16, 2004, he was promoted to Sergeant and held assignments in the East and South Service Areas, the Vice Unit, and the Special Response Team. In January 2014, Captain Rifenberg was assigned to the Acting Lieutenant role, where he has served as a Watch Commander. After his promotion to Lieutenant in November 2014, he was assigned as the commander of the Special Response Team.

His additional responsibilities include serving as a Field Training Officer, a Firearms Instructor, and a Use of Force Instructor. Throughout his career, Captain Rifenberg has been nominated twice for Police Officer of the Year, in 2000 and 2007. In addition, he has been awarded one Commendation Award, four Team Performance Awards, one Achievement Award, two Meritorious Unit Citations, and one Chief’s Citation, along with several Letters of Recognition. Captain Rifenberg is married to Shannon and they have three daughters, ages 16, 13, and 9.

South Service Area

Captain Vincent Reilly

Captain Vincent Reilly


Captain Reilly began his career at the GRPD in 1994. He served as a second shift patrol officer until 1995, when he joined the Neighborhood Patrol Unit (currently the Special Response Team).  He was promoted to Sergeant in 1998, after which time he worked on all three patrol shifts.  In 2005, Captain Reilly was promoted to Lieutenant and served as Watch Commander and then as Administrative Lieutenant of the South and East Service Areas.  He served as the Commander of the Internal Affairs Unit from 2010 until his promotion to Captain in 2015.  He has also held additional duty assignments as an Ethics Instructor, a Defensive Tactics Instructor, and a Field Training Officer for new recruits.  Captain Reilly has received three Meritorious Unit Citations and numerous letters of commendation and recognition. 


Captain Reilly is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (session 266) and holds two degrees from Michigan State University; a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement.  He is also a fourth generation Grand Rapidian who attended Catholic Central High School.

East Service Area 

Captain Geoff Collard

Captain Geoff Collard


Captain Geoffrey Collard was born and raised in Flint, Michigan.  He graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Public Administration.  Captain Collard began his Law Enforcement career in June 1999, as a Police Officer for the City of Flushing. 

He was hired by the City of Wyoming, in October 1999, where he served as a Patrol Officer, as a member of the Tactical Arrest and Confrontation Team, and as a member of the Wyoming Neighborhood Enforcement Team. 

In March 2005, Captain Collard joined the GRPD and worked as a Patrol Officer for two years, before transferring to the Special Response Team (SRT).  He worked on the SRT until his promotion to Sergeant in 2012, at which time he was assigned to the Support Services Division.  Captain Collard returned to the SRT as a Sergeant until he was promoted to Lieutenant in March of 2015. 

Captain Collard worked as a Watch Commander until his current assignment as the Training Unit Commander, which began in October 2016.  During his tenure with the Department, Captain Collard has performed additional duties as a Background Investigator, an Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, and a Defensive Tactics Instructor.