Help Us Name Our Turf Tank!

turf tank.jpg
Our newest member of the Grand Rapids Parks team is a GPS-enabled line painting robot. The official name is Turf Tank, but we want your help giving it a nickname.

The Turf Tank line painting robot will be painting athletic field lines across Grand Rapids starting in Spring 2021. While the Turf Tank paints, our maintenance team's time is freed to perform other important tasks in parks at the same time.

We want your help in welcoming this new robotic team member by suggesting a nickname that the public can vote on. Remember, the Turf Tank will be in our parks, so please keep it family-friendly.

Turf Tank FAQs

Is the Turf Tank replacing a human worker?

No. In fact, we're hiring more maintenance staff members this year than in past years.

How will the Turf Tank benefit the parks system?

Painting athletic fields across the city can be a time consuming process. The Turf Tank paints lines more precisely and in less time. While the Turf Tank autonomously paints lines, our staff can simultaneously perform other tasks like removing litter and cleaning restrooms. This will raise the level of service in our parks, allow us to get more done, and keep public spaces clean and vibrant.

It's estimated that the Turf Tank will save the department approximately $5,000 in annual labor and material costs. 

How does the Turf Tank work?

The Turf Tank is GPS-enabled. Unique athletic field dimensions and line patterns are created on an app linked to the robot. We set the Turf Tank on the field, select the pattern and the Turf Tank does the rest!

When will the Turf Tank be in parks?

The Turf Tank is expected to be in athletic fields across the city in late April 2021.

Contest Details

March 22 - April 1

Submit your entries in the form below to be considered for public vote. They can be silly, but must be family friendly to be considered.

April 5 - 9

Our favorite 25 names will be put to a vote. Check back on this page to vote!

The Votes are In!

After over 1,200 total votes, a winning name has been chosen.

Winner: Turfy McTankface (281 votes)


  • Linus (99 votes)
  • Michelawngelo (97 votes)
  • Bot Ross (75 votes)
  • The Sodfather (71)
  • Sir Linesalot (70)
  • Meryl Stripe (58)
  • Kermit (55 votes)
  • Lawn Order (49 votes)
  • The Turfinator (46 votes)
  • Grassmaster Flash (43 votes)
  • Hank the Tank (38 votes)
  • The Lawn Ranger (38 votes)
  • Line King (34 votes)
  • Rick Grasstley (34 votes)
  • Rosie (30 votes)
  • Stripey Boy (30 votes)
  • Lionel (26 votes)
  • Sammy Spraygar (19 votes)
  • Christurfer (18votes)
  • Eddie Turfey (10 votes)
  • When in Doubt, Stripe it Out (7 votes)
  • Turfin' USA (6 votes)
  • Vincent Van Line-n-Gogh (6 votes)
  • Paint You Very Much (1 vote)