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Our recreation programs and activities are provided year-round. Some of our classes have returned to an in-person format with reduced numbers and face coverings required. However, if you'd rather join us from home, our instructors are also going live on Zoom for virtual recreation.

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Adult Recreation

Adult recreation classes are for community members of all fitness levels. Choose from heart-pumping cardio, upbeat dance, or relaxing and toning yoga fitness.

Fee-Based Indoor, Outdoor, and Virtual Classes

Cardio and Strength


Barre is a low impact, high intensity total body workout that incorporates elements of Pilates, Ballet and Yoga. This workout is fast paced and set to fun upbeat music. During the workout you will use light hand weights, resistance bands, and your own body weight. You will complete small range movements at high repetitions meant to fatigue your muscles to build strength and endurance, and then stretch everything out to increase your flexibility. Barre is a great workout for any fitness level as there are options to level up or down based on your own body.

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Core Camp

Incorporate weight training and cardio blast intervals to keep your muscles and heart pumping. Combined with today’s hottest music, this class is as much fun as it is effective.

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Tone muscles, improve posture, and learn flexibility and balance. Focus on moving as one unit with control and grace. Improve circulation, endurance, and reduce stress.

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Strength + Power

This laser-focused strength class will work all your muscle groups with a variety of exercises to elevate your current routine. It will combine compound exercises to engage as many muscles as possible in a single move, as well as incorporate isolation moves. Modifications and challenges will be offered to make the class appropriate for all levels. Bring your own water bottle, towel & mat.

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Strong Nation is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training) that includes body weight strength exercises, fast cardio moves, plyometrics, and agility training. Music and moves sync together to help push you past your limits to reach your fitness goals.

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STRONG30 packs a total body workout into 30 minutes. It combines HIIT (high intensity interval training), body weight exercises, and cardio moves. In every class, the music and moves sync together in a way to help push you past your limits and reach your fitness goals.

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Reach your fitness goals while building leg and core strength. Powerful music and pace-setting instruction helps you climb steep hills, move across flat road and master intense intervals.

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Dance Fitness

Ballroom Dancing: The Next Steps

A follow-up to Ballroom Dancing. Continue practicing basic dances and learn new moves to add flair.

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Sweat away stress and dance some joy into your heart while following simple steps and easy toning moves. Groove is perfect for anyone who wants to add some fun into their current workout routine. If you like to move to a variety of great music, this class is for you.

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WERQ is a nonstop cardio dance class with fun and unique routines set to the hottest pop and hip hop music. Participants will get a high calorie burn, and a non stop workout, combining repetitive athletic moves with fresh dance steps. Anyone can WERQ it!

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Zumba is a high energy, dance fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music. All fitness levels are welcome.

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Basic Yoga

Discover your inner yogi in a class that builds strength and body awareness. Begin with gentle stretching and move to flowing through and holding poses. Class will come to a restful end.

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Gentle Yoga

A balanced practice that will center you, leaving your body feeling open and relaxed. Basic poses and a slower flow unlock body tension, strengthen your core and help you tune into personal peace.

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Prenatal Yoga

This series is designed to connect and support expecting mamas. Build strength and flexibility in your body to help you carry your growing belly more efficiently, preventing low back pain, hip pain, round ligament pain and other common pregnancy aches and issues. We will target the muscles you will use in labor and birth to help you build stamina and strength where you’ll need it most.
Whether you have a vaginal or cesarean birth, practicing yoga while pregnant will significantly aid in your postpartum recovery. Prenatal yoga gives expecting moms the opportunity to relax, breathe, and connect with their body and their baby. Please bring your own water bottle, towel & mat, bolsters and blocks are available in the studio.

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Power Yoga

This energetic class is designed to build strength, flexibility, and balance! Challenging peak poses, breath to movement flows, and mind body connections will encourage students to find their edge. Modifications are always offered and body awareness is always encouraged.

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Slow Flow Restorative Yoga

End your weekend and set the tone for the week ahead with this calming and gentle yoga class. Each class will begin and end with a variety of restorative postures, with a slow yoga flow in between. Find a cozy comfortable space, light a few candles, and grab as many blankets and pillows as you can.

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Tai Chi Easy

Practice gentle movement and simple, modified tai chi to bring vitality to your mind and body. Combining breathwork and gentle mindful movement, this class will help soothe and rebalance you. Class will be held outside and taught standing and walking, but is easily adapted for a seated practice. For seated practice, please bring your own chair or stool; armless is ideal.

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Vital Movement

Strength, flexibility and balance are vital to our well -being. This class combines yoga stretches and poses (from the chair and standing only), along with light core work. No mat required. Perfect for anyone needing to stretch, improve their range of motion, or modify their practice as they recover from injuries.  This class is great for any age, especially those 50+.

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Free Outdoor Fitness Series

Get outside, get moving and have fun with our awesome instructors! We're bringing free fitness to parks and public spaces across Grand Rapids. All classes are weather permitting. Check our Facebook page or call our cancellation hotline at 616.456.3699 for up-to-date cancellation information.


SoulfulMOTION at Garfield Park (2111 Madison Ave SE)

  • Mondays, June 7 - August 23 
  • 6:30 - 7:15 pm

POUND on The Blue Bridge

  • Tuesdays, June 8 - August 24 
  • 5:30 to 6:15 pm

30 Minute HIIT at Lookout Park (801 Fairview Ave. NE)

  • Tuesdays, June 8 - August 24 
  • 6:15 to 6:45 pm

Barre on The Blue Bridge

  • Wednesdays, June 9 - August 25 
  • 6:00 to 6:45 pm

Kickboxing at 555 Monroe Ave. NW

  • Wednesdays, June 9 - August 25 
  • 6:15 to 7:00 pm


Yoga at Mulick Park (1632 Sylvan Ave SE)

  • Mondays, June 7 - August 23 
  • 6:00 - 6:45 pm

Sunset Yoga at Lookout Park (801 Fairview Ave. NE)

  • Tuesdays, June 8 - August 24 
  • 7:00 to 7:45 pm

Sunrise Yoga at Indian Trails Golf Course (2776 Kalamazoo Ave. SE)

  • Wednesdays, June 9 - August 25 
  • 6:30 to 7:15 am

Tai Chi Easy at Briggs Park (350 Knapp St. NE)

  • Thursdays, June 10 - August 26 
  • 7:15 to 8:00 pm

Yoga at MLK Park (900 Fuller Ave. SE)

  • Thursdays, June 10 - August 26 
  • 7:15 to 8:00 pm


Zumba at Rosa Parks Circle (135 Monroe Center St NW)

  • Mondays, June 7 - August 23 
  • 6:30 - 7:15 pm

HIGH Fitness at 555 Monroe Ave. NW

  • Tuesdays, June 8 - August 24 
  • 6:00 to 6:45 pm

WERQ on the Richmond Park Pool Deck (1101 Richmond St. NW)

  • Wednesdays, June 9, August 25 
  • 7:15 to 8:00 pm

Groove on The Blue Bridge

  • Thursdays, June 10 - August 26 
  • 6:00 to 6:45 pm

Zumba at Roosevelt Park (739 Van Raalte Dr. SW)

  • Fridays, June 11 - August 27 
  • 5:00 to 5:45 pm

Programs for Ages 50+

Group Fitness

Active Adults

This class for includes warm-up, standing cardio, balance work, strength training (preferably with weights), and cool-down.   

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Stretch and Flex 

Stretch and flex is focused on increasing strength, balance and flexibility. The class begins with chair exercises and light hand weights. A great class for men and women. Classes are drop-in and ongoing.

In Person Programs for ages 50+ are cancelled until further notice.

Walking Club

Walk your way to health and meet new friends. You can walk in the Garfield Park Community Gym or in the park. Children are welcome to walk with adults and strollers are permitted.

In Person Programs for ages 50+ are cancelled until further notice.



Come play or learn Pickleball. Don’t have equipment? No problem, there is some available at the gym for you to use and free instruction is also available.

Programs for ages 50+ are cancelled until further notice.


Rotating Monthly Programs

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, monthly community activities are available, including:

  • Card Games
  • Community Exploration
  • Book Club
  • Knitting
  • Health and Wellness Seminars

Programs for ages 50+ are cancelled until further notice.


Youth & Family Activities

Youth activities include adventure and enrichment courses, organized sports, and programs for the whole family.

Youth Sports

Youth T-Ball/Baseball

We have t-ball/baseball programs for kids ages 4-12. Choose from multiple locations across Grand Rapids parks.

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Youth Golf

We’ve partnered with First Tee – West Michigan to offer youth golf programs for ages 7-17. First Tee – West Michigan is a youth development program that uses golf as a vehicle to help students succeed academically, athletically, and socially.

First Tee works to ensure cost isn’t a barrier for any student that wants to participate. Students eligible for free/reduced price lunch at school or families that are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 can participate for just $5.

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Youth Volleyball Conditioning

Pass. Set. Hit! Participants will learn the fundamentals of volleyball while developing strength, endurance, and skill in a team atmosphere.

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Youth Dance


This class will develop coordination, balance and rhythm through basic ballet/tap moves and creative movement. Participants should wear ballet shoes. The end of the session recital will be a tap dance performance. 

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Gets kids up and moving! An upbeat class that explores jazz technique while adding in some funky hip-hop moves.

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Fairytale Ballet/Creative Movement 

Children will gain confidence moving their bodies to music while practicing simple steps, repetitive sequences and balance. Stretching, silly songs and props will make the experience fun.

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Mommy & Me Ballet

Mommy & Me is an introductory to dance class for tots! Your child will sing, learn simple movements, and have fun with props! This class will develop motor skills, improve coordination and help children follow directions!

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Youth Enrichment

Art in the Parks

Ages 6-8: This class will focus on fostering children's already creative nature while creating art using a variety of media: an array of paints, chalks, crayons, paper, canvas, etc. This class will also include learning basic crafting and fine motor skills and occasional instructor book reading; crafts that foster S.T.E.A.M. learning while having fun creating.

Ages 9-12: With an in-depth advanced learning and abstract thinking, this class will create art using a variety of media and techniques: Stitching, String Art, Op Art, 3D modeling. Crafts will foster advanced creativity and S.T.E.A.M learning while having fun. Learning while creating. Includes: Manipulating tools and age-appropriate materials to create a work of art.

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Mindfulness in Nature

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment with kindness, patience and curiosity. Mindfulness fosters connection with ourselves, others and nature. When we connect in this way we naturally develop more compassion for ourselves and for the world we live in.
In this program you'll be led in some sensory activities such as mindful listening, movement, and mindful seeing using a Night at the Museum approach. Finally, families will participate in a mindful, sensory scavenger hunt. Ages 6+, families welcome. 


Learn about swim lessons as well as our public pools and splash pads.

Swim Lessons

Click below to learn about our indoor and outdoor swim lessons.

Aquatics Homepage

Pools and Splash Pads

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City Pools and Splash Pads

Paddleboard Classes

Paddleboard Basics

In this one-time introductory class, get familiar with a paddle board and learn some of the basic tips and tricks that will help your navigation and stability. With a little practice, and a lot of fun, you will become aware of all the muscles used and benefits received, when you take your work out to the water. 

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Paddleboard Fitness Fusion

Let’s make a SPLASH this summer trying something new! Paddleboard Fitness Fusion is a combination of balance training, strength training, pilates and yoga to fully benefit your body in the most unique way. No experience is necessary, we will provide options for all levels of fitness. Come for the challenge, and come for the FUN.

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