Office of Emergency Management


The Office of Emergency Management coordinates disaster preparedness and planning efforts by strengthening the resilience of the Grand Rapids community.

This is conducted through maintaining an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), Emergency Operations Center (EOC), educating the community, implementing training and simulated exercises, activating community alerts, and more.   

Be Prepared

Make a Plan

Ensure your household knows what to do when it matters most. Download the City of Grand Rapids' emergency preparedness guide that can help you create an individualized plan that will increase your preparedness when disasters strike.

Build a Kit

Consider building a basic emergency supply kit to help manage your household's needs during or after a hazardous incident. This kit should last at least 72 hours (3 days) and include unique considerations for your household, such as pets and seniors. Download the City of Grand Rapids' Emergency Preparedness Guide(PDF, 2MB).

Build Community

Connect with your friends and neighbors. Get to know their needs and exchange contact information and emergency plans. Working together in emergencies can strengthen a community's response and resilience after a disaster.

Be Informed

Do you live and/or work in the City of Grand Rapids? Be in the know and register for emergency alerts today! 

Sign up for the free Grand Rapids Emergency Alert System to receive emergency notifications for any location in the City of Grand Rapids. Notifications include evacuation notices, water boil alerts, weather warnings, and more. Alerts are received as a text message, email, or phone call. The type of notification will be dependent on the severity of the alert. 

Redundancy is key. Get yourself a NOAA All-Weather Radio to stay informed during any situation. 

Be Involved

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Join our community-based emergency preparedness and response volunteer program!

Do 1 Thing

A non-profit organization that promotes emergency preparedness for individuals and businesses while focusing on one topic per month. Visit for more information.

American Red Cross

The Michigan Region Red Cross provides opportunities for community members to volunteer to support the Grand Rapids area when a disaster strikes. Volunteer opportunities may include administrative support, volunteer management, disaster action team, and more. Become a volunteer today!

Department Head

Allison Farole, MPA, CEM

Emergency Management Administrator