Scoot, Carpool, Bike or Walk


What better way to explore the city than with a friend? Mobile GR partners to provide alternative transportation services and initiatives that get you where you need to go without spending too much time or money. These travel options are more efficient and have a smaller footprint, so it's good for everyone!


A scooter share pilot launched September 30, 2020 to residents and visitors in Grand Rapids!

Starting with greater downtown, the pilot will cover a 12-mile area(JPG, 331KB). These new and environmentally friendly options will include electric standing and seated scooters and e-bicycles.

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Share the costs of parking by sharing a ride to downtown instead. Check out the State of Michigan's Interactive Map of Carpool Lots.


Riding bicycles alone or in groups is a fun way to get downtown. Check out Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition's 2017-2018 Bike Map:


Walking downtown is a great alternative to driving on a busy night! Google Maps can help you find the quickest route.