Commuter Incentives


Mobile GR and our partners work hard to provide many options to save you money and make your commute to Grand Rapids more enjoyable!

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

It's great to ride your bike, hop on the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, but what if you have an emergency? Don't worry. West Michigan Rideshare will give you a ride home with their Guaranteed Ride Home Program. They'll give you a ride if an emergency comes up. All you have to do is sign up for an account and log your commute trips. You qualify if you use active transportation at least once each week. You can get up to $55 reimbursed to you for a taxi, Uber, or car rental for the day.

Employer Programs

Check with your employer to see if they offer a Parking Cash Out Program or Health and Wellness credits for commuters.

Parking Cash Out Program

Employers use Parking Cash Out (PCO) to give their employees transportation options. Many Grand Rapids employers offer free parking as a part of their benefits package. Encourage your employer to start this program if they don't already offer it. See how we offer this incentive below.

How can some employees earn an extra $1248 each year? By turning in their parking permits. The City of Grand Rapids offers a Parking Cash Out Program. Employees can choose to turn in their parking permit for 70% of what the department pays. When you trade in your Government Center Parking Permit, you get $104 each month. This saves your department $45 each month.  Each year, you get $1248 extra income and save your department $540.

Health and Wellness Credits

Active transportation can extend your life. It can reduce your risks of developing serious diseases like heart disease. Companies can add active transportation to their Health and Wellness programs. Encourage your employer to start this program if they don't already offer it.

Job Share Parking Program

If you have the need for multiple employees to share a single parking space, the Job Share Parking Program is perfect for you!

The program allows you to have multiple access cards for a single parking space. This means if you have employees that work on different days of the week or during different shifts, they can use a single parking space and each have their own access card.

There is no additional monthly cost to your monthly parking account, only a one time $10 card deposit fee (per card).

For more information, or to sign up for the program please email us at or call 311.

Bike Locker Rentals

More information coming soon.