Business Owner Permits and Requests

Are you looking for another permit or request for the City's attention? Visit our Business Owner Permits and Requests page to view all our available business owner permit information and programs made available to business owners by request.

Apply for a Loading Zone for Your Business

Looking to have a Loading Zone created on your block? Use the link below for information on how to apply.

Loading Zone Application

Meter Reservation Request

Do you need to use a parking meter space for moving, deliveries, or a special event? You can reserve meters to guarantee available parking for limited uses. For example, contractors working on a remodel can have easy access to supplies. We'll put No Parking covers over the meters so no one else can use them on your reserved dates and times.

We only allow meter reservations for specific uses. Reservations for everyday personal use are not allowed.

Reserve Parking Meters

Request a Monthly Parking Permit and Placement on Waiting List

Are you looking for a monthly parking permit in the downtown Grand Rapids area? You're in the right place to request a permit or get on our parking permit waiting list.

Request a Monthly Parking Permit

Host a Community Block Party

Are you planning a block party in your neighborhood? A block party is a great way to celebrate and encourage stronger communities. To support that the City can help you close the road during your party.

Block Party Request

Temporary Occupancy Permit

Are you looking to use a section of a road, sidewalk, or other area of the public right-of way for your project? The City requires that you apply for a Temporary Occupancy Permit. With this permit you will gain permission to temporarily close the needed area of the right-of-way.

Apply for Temporary Occupancy of Right-of-Way

Encroachment Permit

Are you planning a project or installation? If it requires ongoing use of a public street, sidewalk, or dedicated public easement and includes removable at-grade, overhanging, and buried features, apply for an Encroachment Permit. Other application types are available for temporary use of City streets or sidewalks for construction-related purposes and for special events.

Apply for an Encroachment Permit

Utility Permit

Are you a contractor looking to install utility equipment in the City Right-of-Way? You're in the right place.

You must be an authorized agent of a City-registered Metro Act or Franchise Utility to apply for a Utility Permit.

Apply for a Utility Permit