Residential Safety Assessment Program

We want you to be safe in your home! The Residential Safety Program (RSP) is a voluntary program to prevent fires. The goal is to reduce the number and severity of fires.

What We Offer

  • Fire safety check
  • Free smoke alarm upgrades and installations
  • Free carbon monoxide (CO) alarm installations
  • One-on-one fire safety consultation
  • A connection with our partners to assist with fire safety issues

We made a short video to tell you more about the program.

Watch Program Video


We offer this program regardless of what neighborhood you live in. To qualify for the program, ask yourself two questions:

  •  Do you live in Grand Rapids?
  •  Do you own your home?

If you answered, "yes!" to those two questions, you're eligible!

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Call 311 or 616-456-3000.

An agent will help you schedule your fire safety check!

More about Fire Safety

While you're waiting for your inspection and smoke detector installation, we have some tips for staying safe:

Most fires happen in kitchens

Common household items catch fire first. Here are some quick, easy steps to prevent kitchen fires.

  • Don't leave cooking food alone
  • Rolling up your sleeves your loose clothes can catch fire
  • Cooking with your kids will teach them kitchen safety
  • Cleaning your kitchen can keep the grease build up down
  • Flammable items belong away from the stove top
  • Keep pan handles turned in to avoid spilling food that can catch fire
  • Try not to plug in too many appliances into one outlet
  • Keeping your cords in good shape will also prevent fires
  • Your children and pets shouldn't play around the cooking area during cooking

Experiencing a fire can cause panic

Stay calm and try some of these ways to put the fire out.

  • Try to slide a pan lid over the flames to smother the fire, don't carry the pan outside
  • If the fire is in your oven, turn the heat off to put the fire out
  • Unplug the microwave if a fire starts in it
  • Keeping a fire extinguisher in the kitchen is a great way to stop a fire from spreading. Make sure the extinguisher is ABC rated. Ensure that you know how to use it.
  • Evacuate the area and call 911 for any fires that do not go out!

If you get burned try these tips

  • Run cool water over the burned area for 5 to 10 minutes
  • If the burn blisters, see a doctor, the burn can be worse that it appears
  • If the burn is charred, on your face, or covers more than 5% of your body, call 911 for help
  • Stop! Drop! and Roll!

Candles are great when used safely

Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Keep a one foot area free from anything that can burn
  • Don't let anything touch the flame
  • Use a sturdy metal, glass or ceramic container to hold the candle
  • Don't leave the room of a candle burning
  • Put your candles out when you go to bed
  • Keep candles out of your children and pet's reach

Make sure to keep matches and lighters out of reach of children. Store these in a high locked cabinet.

Candles can be dangerous. Use them with caution. Fires started by candles are the leading cause of deaths in Michigan homes.