Industrial Pretreatment Program

To best treat wastewater, we have to know what's flowing into our system.

Our Industrial Pretreatment Program controls the release of toxic substances into the wastewater system by monitoring the discharge of significant industrial users (SIU).

All non-domestic users in the Grand Rapids Water System complete a survey to collect detailed information on their use. Facilities deemed SIUs must then apply for a permit to specify discharge standards and conditions.

Send permit applications via mail or fax to 616-456-4423.

Dental Dischargers Report

Do you run a dental facility in Grand Rapids? If so, you may need to submit a one-time compliance report for dental dischargers in the sanitary sewer service area.

Our Industrial Pretreatment Program monitors the discharge of dental facilities. If you are a dentist, please complete the following form.

Dental Report Form