Recreational Fire Permit Guide

1. Overview

The City allows wood-burning recreational fires by permit only. If you're interested in having a wood-burning recreational fire, you'll first need to apply for a Recreational Fire Permit. If you'd rather use a self-contained gas or propane fire container a permit isn't required - but please follow the manufacturer's instructions and, if applicable, check with your landlord or condo association first.

Recreational Fire Permit Brochure(PDF, 19MB)

2. Applying for a permit

Check with your neighbors before you apply! We'll notify all surrounding neighbors within 120 feet and if any of them submits a written objection within 21 days, your application may be denied. We'll review any filed objections on the basis of public health, safety, and welfare to determine if a permit may be issued. Click here to download a brochure outlining the permitting process and requirements.

Apply for a Recreational Fire Permit

3. What can be burned?

Only seasoned dry firewood may be burned in a recreational fire. The burning of yard waste, leaves, trash, refuse, or building materials is prohibited.

4. Public health & environmental impacts

We are committed to a safe community for all of our residents. Before burning firewood, please review the resources below, which provide helpful information on minimizing the negative effects of wood burning on public health and the environment.

Please enjoy your recreational fire responsibly and be courteous of your neighbors!

5. Filing an objection

Once an application is submitted, all neighbors within 120 feet will be notified. The notification will include a letter describing the proposed site, an objection form to complete if filing an objection, and a return envelope. Objections must be submitted within 21 days to be included in the review process. All filed objections will be reviewed on the basis of public health, safety, and welfare to determine if a permit may be issued. The objection form will inquire if a public health concern is present; if answering yes, please submit any supporting health information via the return envelope provided.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. All submitted health information will be securely filed, accessible only to management, and destroyed one year after receipt.

6. Recreational Fire Permit Map

To view all Recreational Fire Permits that are active or have been expired for less than 6 months, feel free to interact with the below map. 

Browser Compatibility

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7. Filing a complaint

All Recreational Fire Complaints are handled by the Fire Department. If you have an immediate health concern about a recreational fire, please call 911. All other recreational fire complaints may be submitted to 311 during normal business hours (8:00am - 5:00pm).