City Social Media Accounts

cell phone screen showing the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter icons

Social media is a great way to connect the people of Grand Rapids to the government that serves them. It also offers a space for everyone to have a voice, express their opinions, ask questions, and share information with others.

To ensure that that space is appropriate for all ages and safe for everyone to engage with us, the City of Grand Rapids has implemented a new social media policy as of January 3, 2023. By posting a comment or sharing content with any of our social media accounts, you are agreeing to follow our community guidelines.

The goal of our presence on social media is to continue building strong connections with the community, be more responsive to comments with helpful information, and increase our availability to provide excellent customer service. While not available 24/7, we are committed to answering your questions in a timely manner.

Please read the full Social Media Policy for further details.(PDF, 245KB)

Below is a list of social media accounts managed and operated by the City of Grand Rapids.

We will continue to update this list, so visit this page again soon for even more ways to connect with us!

City of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Police Department

Grand Rapids Fire Department

Office of Emergency Management

Parks and Recreation Department

Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink

GR Outside

Indian Trails Golf Course

Mobile GR (Transportation & Parking)

Economic Development Department

Office of Oversight & Public Accountability

Environmental Services Department

City of Grand Rapids Water System

City of Grand Rapids Development Center

Grand Rapids City Archives and Records Center

Office of Equity and Engagement

Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit

PB Grand Rapids (PBGR)