City Archives and Records Center

The City Archives and Research Center stores all the City's government records. We make sure they’re preserved and accessible to citizens and employees to research.

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We are open to the public by appointment only.


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

At our records center, we have many topics of research that you can review. Here's a look at some of the popular records we have on file:

  • Would you like to research a property within the City limits?

We have Assessors Department files, building plans, permits, and photographs.

  • Would you like to research the City Commission?

We have City Commission proceedings and contracts. We also have committee and Boards and Commission meeting minutes.

  • Would you like to research a City department?

We have all city department records. This includes reports, special reports and studies, plans and photographs.

  • Would you like to research the Grand Rapids Public Schools?

We store yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, and more.


Here's a list of the types of archives and records we have available for research at our center. Please note that certain items may require the completion of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

  • Annual Reports of City Departments, 1895-
  • Assessment Rolls, 1926-
  • Assessors Real Property Appraisal Cards 1936-2009
  • Building Permits, ca. 1978-1998
  • Building Plans, 1982-
  • Citizen Boards and Commissions Minutes
  • City Charters, 1857-
  • City Manager's General Subject File, 1937-
  • City Commission Proceedings, 1917-
  • Common Council Proceedings, 1850-1917
  • Contracts and Agreements, 1874-
  • Court Records (Mayor's Court,
    Justice Court, Police Court, 61st District Court), 1850-
  • Daily Fire Logs (Station Journals), 1891-
  • Deeds (city-owned property), ca. 1852-
  • Downtown Development Authority records
  • Election Documentation File, 1959-
  • Election Results, 1954-
  • Fingerprint Cards, ca. 1913-1973
  • Fire Reports, 1970-
  • Grand Rapids 1859-
  • Mayor's General Subject File, 1934-
  • Model Cities Records, 1968-1975  
  • Ordinances, 1850-
  • Photographs, 1870-
  • Planning Records, 1919-
  • Plat Atlases, 1876-
  • Polk City Directories, 1865-
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1895, 1913, and 1952 editions
  • Tax Rolls, 1860-
  • Village Board of Trustees Proceedings, 1838-1850
  • Zoning Records, 1924-  


Would you like to review our records and archives? All records are available to the public by appointment only.

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