City Commission Meetings

Meeting Schedules and Agendas

We use a third-party site for legislative management. City Commission and legislative committees use this site for meeting schedules and agendas. If you want to know more about using the third-party site, we have some tips on how to use the Legislative Management Site.

Use these links to get directly to committee webpages:

Meeting Calendar

How the City Commission Works

Want to learn more about how the Commission conducts business? Check out our guide for understanding How the City Commission Works.

Watch Live Commission Meetings

We're working to add streaming for more committees. At this time, we stream live video for these meetings:

  • Evening City Commission Meetings
  • Committee of the Whole
  • City Planning Commission

We use YouTube to stream live meetings.

Our account is public, so you don't need a YouTube account to watch live.

Watch Live Meetings

Watch on TV

We broadcast meetings on Comcast channel 26.

If you don't have Comcast service, find the Government Access channel in your provider's channel listing.

City Commission Topic Planner

Interested in what's going on at our City Commission meetings? Want to know the planned discussion topics at upcoming sessions? Visit our City Commission Topic Planner.

City Commission Topic Planner