The Mayor's Next Gen Advisory Board

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Did you know that Mayor Bliss has a Next Gen Advisory Board? Check out what this board does and how to connect with them!

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The Mayor's Next Gen Advisory Board (MNGAB) advises the mayor with a next-generation perspective on topics, issues, programs and legislation that directly impacts the city of Grand Rapids. 


The board is made up of 19 members from different professional, personal, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. The board has members from each ward of the city. 

Each board member commits to a calendar year term, with the option to re-term for a maximum of four years. 

Everyone can support MNGAB, no matter their age. Board member ages range from 22-40. 


The board volunteers throughout the year on the mayor’s special projects and an annual board service event. 

The MNGAB also:

  • Hosts a signature event every year called “Have a Say”, which promotes next generation involvement in serving the city
  • Organizes into three working committees: marketing/events, advisory, and board development
  • Serves as a leadership pipeline for future city board and commission seats


This year, the MNGAB is focused on ways to:

  • Implement structure for advising and engaging the Mayor with focus on sustainability, DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) and advocacy
  • Develop strategies for inclusive growth on the board and its presence in the community
  • Build a talent pipeline for young people to serve in government positions

Mayor's Greening Initiative

April 25, 2020

8:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Garfield Park

Mayor's River Clean-Up

September 12, 2020

Have a Say

Coming Fall 2020

More details soon!

Check out the latest from the MNGAB!

2019 Impact Report(PDF, 992KB)

2020 Board Directory (coming soon!)


Hugh Ingalls, Board Chair

Latrisha SosebeeVice Chair, Board Development Chair

Rafael MartinezAdvisory Committee Chair

Luke FerrisMarketing/Events Committee Chair

MNGAB Members

Jalen Couch

Chanda DeLeon

Kara Harrison-Gates

Winsome Kirton

Nika Kusmierz

Angela Paasche

Nate Phillips

Thomas Pierce 

Josh Leffingwell

Aileen Strickland McGee

Kevin McIntosh

Dave Nitkiewicz

Megan Steenwyk

Jade Villanueva

Ashley Ward