Grand Rapids Police Civilian Appeal Board

Department in Charge of This Board

City Attorney's Office

About the Board

Here's a look at the Grand Rapids Police Civilian Appeal Boards:

  • Created to review the findings of the Grand Rapids Police Department Internal Affairs Unit
  • Reviews complaints of use of excessive force
  • Reviews complaints of falsification and lying
  • Reviews complaints of civil rights violations
  • Reviews complaints of hostility
  • Reviews complaints of discourtesy
  • Reviews complaints of other conduct unbecoming of an officer
  • Reviews complaints in the context of racial animosity or prejudice

Apply for Boards and Commissions

  • 9 members
  • The Mayor appoints 3 members
  • The City Commission appoints 6 members
  • Appointments are made on the first Monday in May

Residency Requirement

Yes. You must be a Grand Rapids resident to serve on this board.

Term Limits

Your term will last 2 years. There is a term limit, so you can only serve for 6 consecutive years.


You will not receive compensation for your service on the board.


Maria Moreno

Commissioner O'Connor Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

Huemartin Robinson

Mayoral Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

Donna Chivis

Commissioner Lenear Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

Curtis Orsinger

Commissioner Shaffer Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

John Rothwell

Commissioner Kelly Appointment 
Term ends 5/7/2018

John Van Tholen

Mayoral Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

Debora Vazquez

Mayoral Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

George Storms

Commissioner Allen Appointment
Term ends 5/7/2018

Bran Blakely

Commissioner Jones Appointment
Term ends 1/7/2019