Grand Rapids Building Authority

Department in Charge of This Board

Engineering Department

About the Board

Here's a quick look at the Grand Rapids Building Authority:

  • Finances the construction and maintenance of city-owned facilities 
  • Operates public buildings

Apply for Boards and Commissions

  • 3 members
  • Members are appointed by the City Commission on July 1st
  • No member of the City's legislative body is eligible for membership

Residency Requirement
There are no residency requirements to be a member of this board.

Term Limits

Each members term is 6 years. There is no term limit, so you can serve an unlimited number of terms.


There is no compensation for members of this board.

Kate Berens

City Commission Appointment
Term Ends: 7/1/2026

Eric DeLong

City Commission Appointment
Ward 2 Resident
Term Ends: 7/1/2024

Thomas J. Wesholski

City Commission Appointment
Ward 1 Resident
Term Ends: 7/1/2028