Board of Review (Assessor)

Department in Charge of This Board

Assessor's Office

About the Board

We review property assessments. Here's a quick look at our main areas of focus:

  • Reviews and examines property assessment rolls
  • Hears assessment appeals

Apply for Boards and Commissions

  • 6 members
  • Members are knowledgeable of taxation and property values
  • Members are appointed by the Mayor with City Commission approval (by February 1)
  • Members cannot hold other public office or public employment

Residency Requirement

You'll need to be a taxpayer for at least 5 years to be eligible to sit on this board.

No Term Limits

Each term lasts 5 years. There is no term limit, so you can serve an unlimited number of terms.


The Board of Review (Assessors) receives $50.00 for a half-day session and $100.00 for a full-day session.

Denise Esther

Ward 2 Resident
Term Ends: 2/1/2029

Brian Hamersma

Ward 2 Resident
Term Ends: 2/1/2027

Kyle Kimble

Ward 2 Resident
Term Ends: 2/1/2025

Keith Lang

Ward 2 Resident
Term Ends: 2/1/2025

Ronald Lemmon

Ward 2 Resident 
Term Ends: 2/1/2028

Judson Mowbray

Ward 1 Resident
Term Ends: 2/1/2026