Art Advisory Committee

Department in Charge of Board

Office of the City Manager

About the Board

Here's a quick look at the Art Advisory Committee:

  • Gives recommendations to the City Manager on if donated art, murals, and street art should be accepted by the City
  • Makes recommendations based on City Commission Policy 1100-06
  • Members include art professionals, artists, and other stakeholders

Apply for Boards and Commissions

  • Members meet every third Monday of the month in City Hall, Room 601, at 3pm
  • Members are appointed by the City Manager
  • Applications that need to be reviewed by the Art Advisory Committee must be submitted by the first Monday of the month to be reviewed that month

Recommendations are based off of City Commission Policy 1100-06.

Residency Requirement

You don't have to be a Grand Rapids resident to serve on this committee.

Term Limit Policy

There are no term limits for members on this committee.


This a volunteer comittee. Members are not paid.

Here we would like to showcase artwork that has been donated to the City of Grand Rapids.

Eddie Tadlock

Fred Bivins

Henry Matthews