Boil Water Advisory Updates

March 20 Boil Water Advisory Lifted; See further instructions below


This is a notification from the Grand Rapids Water System.

The boil water advisory in your area has been lifted. It is no longer necessary to use bottled water or to boil water before drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, or washing dishes and food preparation at your home or business. The water in your area has been flushed and sampled in accordance with Federal and State rules and regulations. The following actions need to be taken before you consume the water.

Personal Hygiene after a boil water advisory:

Flush Plumbing, Pipes, & Faucets (interior and exterior)

  • Unscrew and remove faucet screens/aerators and clean out any particles. Instructions available from
  • Run cold water through your faucets and appliances with direct water connections for at least 5 minutes.
  • To clear hot water pipes and the water heater of untreated water, run hot water only at all faucets and flush until the water runs cool.
  • Put the screens/aerators back on the faucets.

Check Appliances/Devices

  •  Remove and replace all water filters, including water coolers, inline filters, and other appliances with direct water connections. The filter could be contaminated if you ran water through any filter during the boil water advisory.
  • Always read and follow the owner’s manual for directions to flush and replace filters for all appliances that use water.
  • Water dispensers from refrigerators should be flushed by at least one gallon of water, refer to the owner’s manual.
  • Dump existing ice and flush the water feed lines, making and discarding three batches of ice cubes.
  • After flushing hot water pipes and water heater, run an empty dishwasher one time on the hottest or sanitize cycle.
  • Run water softener through a full regeneration cycle.
  • Remove and replace filters in portable and furnace humidifiers.

More information, including a map showing the affected area, is available below. If you have further questions or need to report a water/sewer emergency, please contact customer service by dialing 616-456-3000 or 3-1-1 if you are within the city limits.

Latest Updates

What happened?

There was a large water main break near Leonard and Union caused a significant drop in pressure. This loss in pressure has the potential to introduce bacteria into our drinking water. We are under the boil water advisory to address the risk of bacteria in our water. A boil water advisory may stay in effect for 3-4 days as we flush the system and sample water according to State and Federal requirements. However, you will receive another notification when the advisory is lifted.

What is being done about it?

City of Grand Rapids Water System staff immediately responded to the drop in pressure, found the break in the system, and made necessary repairs to restore water pressure. Once pressure was restored, water crews began flushing the water system by opening fire hydrants in the affected area. If you are still experiencing issues with your water service, please call 3-1-1 or (616) 456-3000 to speak with a customer service representative.

Water Testing

Water quality testing will begin as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on the status of those tests as soon as possible right here on this web page.

Water Bottle Distribution Events

Water Bottle Distribution Event
March 18 - 5 P.M. - 8 P.M.
1625 Leonard St NE

More information

Water Bottle Distribution Event
March 19 - 8 A.M. - 8 P.M.
1625 Leonard St NE

More information

When was the Boil Water Advisory lifted?

The Boil Water Advisory Notice posted on March 17, 2024 was lifted on March 20, 2024 at XX:XX P.M.

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